5 Reasons Why Packaging Is Important to A Business
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Packaging can be defined as the science, art or technology of enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, transportation and use. The packaging of an item is the first thing that is seen and can determine how successful a product can be sold or the durability of it.

If you think about your favourite cereal or bath and body products, it is always the packaging that makes the product attractive to the eye. If you are starting a business here are 5 reasons you should pay special attention to the packaging of the products.


The primary need for packaging is to protect what is inside during consumption, transportation and storage. If you are in the food or catering business then the protection of your products is of high importance.

Factors such as temperature, humidity and other external factors should be taken into consideration. However, an unsustainable packaging method can leave lots of waste, there is a clear difference between protective and well- designed packaging and no fir-to-purpose packaging.


Companies spend a large budget only on the packaging of their products as it determines the attractiveness. In case your business specializes in handmade products you can invest in wholesale gift bags that can be used to package and sell to customers.

Using gift bags are not only cheap but can be stored and are ready made catering to your desired design. Colours, themes and style are key factors when designing your packaging and can even be the products Unique Selling Point.

Usability and storage

Consumers look for a fit-to-purpose package that’s light, convenient, user friendly and possibly re-useable. The packaging should be easy to open, fold and even get rid of. A cumbersome number of layers and wrapping make your product look heavy and undesirable. However, if it is being shipped or transported then your packaging should provide safety to the products as well.


The recent trends now promote sustainability and an eco-friendly concept that is highly relatable to packaging. It is important for you to factor in eco-friendly methods of packaging. Reducing the usage of plastic or re-sealable packaging are ways to change the direction of single-use products.

Why sustainable packaging is important is because consumers now look for eco-friendly materials and tend to purchase products that are environmentally conscious. This works as a promotion strategy and can ensure positive feedback and sales.

Promotes sales

The gist of attractive packaging is that it could be a leading factor in increased sales. However, attractiveness and sustainability aren’t the only reasons. Packaging is a part of branding. The information on packages acts as advertising as well.

For example, if you run a handmade jewellery store information regarding the stone or material used can be mentioned to create interest. Or if the product is made of recycled material information regarding it such as how much waste is reduced can be mentioned on the package.

Packaging represents your business idea and passion for the product. Investing in elegant and practical packaging should be considered in your business plan.

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