7 Things to Consider When Getting New Kitchen Benchtops
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Getting new benchtops is a great idea. You can make your kitchen look like a million bucks. However, choosing the right materials can be hard. You have to make sure of a couple of other things as well. We talked everything about them below. Read ahead.


It’s no secret that benchtops can be expensive. You don’t want them to get damaged easily, which is why you’ll keep their strength in mind.

Let’s say you’re going for stone options. Between two renovating teams, the stone they offer may differ in strength. This is as they sourced them from different locations.


How big is your kitchen? Large benchtops can suffocate the space. Large ones would be harder to clean as well.


Touching on cleaning again, you have to find out how easy the material the structures are made from would be to clean. Depending on whether it’s stone, granite, marble, quartz or concrete, the products you’ll be able to use would differ.

As you can imagine, wood would be the most vulnerable. Strong chemicals cannot be used to clean them.

Luxury Materials

Are you planning on selling your home? The best thing to do would be renovations - they’d boost property value. Work in the kitchen tends to drive property value up the most.

Rake in the most cash by going for marble tops. They arethe most luxury choice. They’ll look their best if you go for classic black or white looks.

Concrete islands and benchtops exist as well. If you’re remodellingthe home to make it look more modern, the options might work.


Something that affects the cost would be the size of the tops as well the materials used. You’re advised to shop around, as certain teams may charge more than others.

Don’t be afraid to work with names from out of town. They might be willing to work with you, irrespective of the distance, and could charge much less than the names in the vicinity.

A Good Team

Take a good look at who you’ll be working with. They not only need to not charge an arm and a leg, but they should be a team that gets quality work done. For your benchtop consultation, don’t be afraid to ask a variety of questions. Get a look at their portfolio and testimonies as well.

More importantly, how transparent are they? Kitchen renovations are not cheap. You’ll be in a sticky situation if there are hidden costs you have to pay in the end.

Back splashes

When getting new benchtops, there is no way you can ignore your backsplashes. The two should complement each other. But they shouldn’t be too alike. Hopefully, the name you’re going to work with will offer new backsplash choices as well.

Final Thoughts

Let’s sum things up. New benchtops can live your kitchen. However, choosing which material you’ll want them to be made from can be hard. You could go with a premium option like marble, boosting the value of your home quite a bit.

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