All You Need to Know About Art
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Painting, over the years, has evolved with time. From prehistoric paintings in the caves, discovered in all parts of the world to paintings in art galleries in today's time.

In ancient times, cavemen used animal blood and fat along with powdered minerals to carve their paintings into the walls and ceilings of their caves.

What is painting?

Painting is the application of a few pigments that forms an image, decoration, or design. It helps express the ideas and emotions of the painter using elements such as lines, patterns, textures, tones, and shapes. Artists combine these elements into patterns that express an abstract theme, supernatural phenomena, or a narration.

Likewise, the journey of an artist has evolved following the time and the types of paintings. However, being an artist has its own pros and cons. The world obliges and challenges an artist to stay up to mark with the current demand requirements.

In today's time, artistic needs have advanced with the use of technologies. Whether it is to create a creative social media post or to make an abstract painting, artists have to be versatile.

Being an artist means to create unique and aesthetic visuals that others can only imagine. Hence, this feels like a superpower- to process an idea into visual elements. Thus, artists play a vital role in interior designing too.

What art does to a room is, adds more elements of colour, fun, and joy into the atmosphere. Artworks can make or break your interiors. From living room artwork to statement paintings above the fireplace, art does say a lot about your tastes. Visual appearance plays a massive role in interior design as it enhances the beauty of any space.

Below mentioned are a few pros and cons of choosing an artistic career.

What are the advantages of being an artist?

  • It is a satisfying job
  • The use of creativity is therapeutic
  • One uses art as a form of self-expression
  • Creativity can get you any job anytime.
  • Your art can be an inspiration for others
  • It helps you to develop a meaningful perspective of viewing life
  • Easy to adapt and work with various industries

The disadvantages of being an artist are:

  • What you find up to mark may not be approved by the clients
  • Balancing an artistic view with a general lifestyle can be tough
  • Trying to perfect an image over and over again to meet a clients' requirements can be frustrating
  • You can be judged based on your artwork
  • It can lead to anxiety

Being an artist is not an easy task. One does not become an artist by just reading and learning from the book. If the person who wants to become an artist lacks creativity, emotions, and confidence, they cannot master the talent of being an artist.

It requires determination and full commitment to your work, along with efficiency and professionalism when working. Art plays a vital role, from the time of cavemen to our generation, it allows us to express emotions in a beautiful way. Without art, this world would be too dull.

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