Are Hemp Nuts (Hearts) Good for You?
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Over the last decades, chia and flaxseed have gone from hippie items concealed in the backend of Whole Foods to famous pantry essentials all thanks to their compact size, versatility in flavour combinations and nutritional values. And it's about time the hearts of the hemp had the same major props.

Produced from the Plant cannabis sativa, hemp nuts are simply either hulled or unhulled hemp seeds and no, they do not normally contain CBD—a chemical that can potentially relieve stress and treat other health issues or THC—the chemical known for the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

In reality, the health benefits of hemp nuts are plentiful. They deliver anything from nutrients that promote heart and bone health and vital minerals for plant-based consumers to mass and strength macronutrients.

And fortunately, there's plenty of innovative ways to add to your diet. "You can use hemp nuts in the way you'd use chia seeds or flaxseeds. Add them to your sweets, oatmeal, yogurt or salads." You can also add them to homemade cakes, pastries, bread, oatmeal and energy balls for a boost of nutrients.

If this short rundown didn't persuade you to exchange your chia seeds for hemp nuts, read all the advantages of these little seeds.

They’re stocked with protein

Hemp nuts can be thin, but they are powerful. 3 tablespoonsful of hemp hearts contain 9.5g of protein. This is more than one egg and almost twice that of chia seeds, as per the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). If you've forgotten everything about high school nutrition, protein helps strengthen your immune cells, your skin, your hair, and, most importantly, your muscles. After a round of workout, the body uses protein to fix weakened muscle fibres, which makes it grow stronger. Needless to say, if you don't get enough of it from your diet, you might suffer from muscle loss, poor hair and nails, or immune problems.

They have omega-3 and 6 fatty acids

Although fresh meat products are traditionally a source of omega-3 fatty acids, hemp nuts still need to be on the list of favourites. In only 3 tablespoonsful of hemp nuts, you will get more than twice the recommended daily quantity of alpha-linolenic acid, a form of omega-3 that your body cannot manufacture on its own—meaning it needs to be acquired from your diet.

They help in good bone health

While it's not a very glamorous advantage of the hearts of hemp, it's one of the greatest. Just 3 tablespoons of hemp nuts contain 210 mg of magnesium and 495 mg of phosphorus, which is equivalent to 68% and 70% of the daily recommended quotas for both of these nutrients. In reality, studies have shown that people who eat more magnesium have a higher bone mineral density, which is important to reduce the risk of fracturing and osteoporosis (a condition that causes bones to become weaker and brittle.)

These are only some of the dozens of benefits of hemp seeds.

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