How to Clean Your NATO/Nylon Watch Straps?
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We love a nice nylon watch strap. They are perfect for every daily situation, always bringing just the correct splash of style to the ensemble.

We have to confess, however, that they get dirty periodically. If it's sweating during exercises or just rubbing your wrist on the surfaces all day long, the woven fibres in these items have a way to gather grime, and you're going to find yourself having to clean your watch belt now and then.

There are a few ways to do just that safely, and none of them is complicated at all. Let's just take a peek.

Hand Washing

This is the approach with the least volume of downtime but it can take the most individual effort. You can potentially do this without separating the band by being super cautious. But we would suggest going forward and removing it no matter if it’s a Samsung watch bands or a water-resistant chronograph, just to be sure.

Everything you need to do is just run some lukewarm or cold water (and not hot! that might damage the nylon braid) over your watch band, use your thumbs to work it in the stained places.  Then use a little hand or castle soap—or a soft dish soap like Dawn—continue to use your thumbs to make a lather along the strap.

You're probably going to feel the dirt coming up right away. If, however, your thumbs don't get the dirt, a smooth brush works well.

Wash the soap and dirt off to check if the job is done. If the strap isn't clear yet, continue the cycle as needed. When you're finished, gently force out any extra moisture and lay the band down flat for a while to air dry it, either outdoors or indoors. A little gentle cloth work will help improve the overall process if you're in a rush.

Don't use a blow dryer to dry your band, for the same reason that you wouldn't use hot water.

With Your Laundry

If the above approach is more time consuming than you're willing to expend on this task, you can just detach your watch band and put it in with your clothes. Again, be certain to use cold water to prevent the nylon from getting hurt (you should anyway be washing clothes cold most of the time). Choosing a soft cycle is also favoured.

To prevent the strap from being lost in the process, you could either tie the band around a belt loop on your pants in the wash or put the band in your sock or the pockets of any pants, or use one of those mesh washing bags to keep it in place.

Again, just as you can stop using a hair dryer, do not throw a strap in your tumble dryer. Leave it outside to air dry.

Soak Overnight

If your band needs a more thorough cleaning—especially if it has a bright white charm that you would like to restore to its former glory—then we suggest that you dunk your band in a mix of Oxi Clean and ice water. The process should be done for at least 6hours, so let it settle down overnight.

The next day, remove the band and use the first method above to clean the band before allowing the air to dry again.

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