5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tiler
There may be thousands of teams offering tiling services near you. To help you find the best, we’ve discussed all the points to consider. Why don’t you keep reading?…Continue reading5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Tiler


Before hiring a company, get a quotation. A quotation is good as it would not only let you know how much the project would cost, but it’d run through everything the team would charge you for. This would prevent them from hitting you with any hidden fees in the future.

Get quotations from as many tillers as possible. You’d be able to compare and find the best.


Speaking of payments, when will you have to make them? Some tilers require you to make the full payment only when the job is done. Others may require you to make a down payment and provide the rest once the job is complete.

Whatever you do, stay away from companies that make you pay the whole sum before their work has even started.

Expert Eye

Let’s say you purchased terracotta tiles. They’d look good. However, they can stain easily. And it takes more effort to clean them than regular counterparts. If the installation team consists of experts, they would tell you that adding a sealant would make the terracotta stain less.

Hopefully, they would be willing to add the sealant for you. In fact, they may buy it themselves instead of you having to go on the hunt.


Some tiles are harder to install than others. Ensure that you’re hiring someone that is skilled in the job. You can go through the reviews of tilers online, and see what former customers have said.

On the team’s website, you’d find their history. Assess how long they’ve been in the game for, as well as any accolades they’ve won.

As mentioned, some options are harder to install than others. This is because of the material they are made from – they could be very fragile. Not only the type, but where the tile would be placed could make it harder to insert. Floors are much easier to work on than walls and backsplashes.


How big of a space will the team be working on? If it’s huge, they could take a while, which is why you should find out how fast they would be. Some teams would be faster than others, as they have more people being dispatched to sites.

The experience of the people you’ve hired would affect how fast they’d take to finish projects. By speaking to them directly, you might not get an accurate idea of how long they would take – they could lie. Seek out former clients instead.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, there is a myriad of things to consider when choosing a company to tile your home. From all of the things to consider, the most important is whether the people you’re hiring would be experienced or not. You can go through reviews to see what others have said about them. Of course, assess their costs. You don’t want to be paying more than they’re worth, now do you?

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