6 Ways to Make Money as a High-School Student
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If you’re a student and strapped for cash, don’t worry. You’d think there wouldn’t be many ways to make cash but this isn’t the case. We discussed everything you could do below. Keep reading.

Baby Sit

Do you know anyone with kids? You could make money by taking care of their children when they are busy. They could recommend you to other family members and friends, making you a baby-sitter to many. Once you’ve been at it for a while, you could advertise your services online.

What’s great about baby-sitting is that you won’t have to do it 24/7. And the family wouldn’t want you to watch their kids at a time that would inconvenience you.


If you’re about to be done with school, you’re probably worrying about what to do next in life. Instead of going to college right away, you can get an apprenticeship. It would improve your skills in a certain craft while making you money.

There are apprenticeships for all sorts of things. What are you interested in? You could join a training program for carpentry, black-smiting, or cookery.

You would get a certificate once the training has passed. This would look good on your resume, and you could use it to join expert universities. Several sites like skillinvest.com.au help students look for apprenticeships that would be the most worth their time.


How good are you at your studies? You might an excellent student, which is why you can put your intelligence to use. Tutoring weaker students could bring in a lot of cash. Just like you would with baby-sitting, you might be able to advertise and get many people coming to you. The more subjects you tutor in, the more you would be able to earn.

Sell Old Clothes

You might not only be super smart, but you could also have great fashion-sense. You could sell old clothes that you have lying around. Platforms like Depop exist – they let users create stores to sell whatever they want. Not just clothes, someone may pay good money for a giant plushy or old toy you have.


Dog-walking can be very lucrative. You’d only find the wealthy looking for people to walk their pets. A lot of experience isn’t needed to get the job – all you need is experience with a dog or cat. How much you’d make would depend on who you’re working with.

Dog-walking isn’t something that would take a lot of time from your day, and you’d be getting exercise too.

Part-Time Work

The local grocery store, mall, restaurant or dry cleaners may be hiring people part-time. It’s worth checking them out.

Final Thoughts

As a student, you may think there aren’t a lot of ways to make cash. But as you saw from our list, there are quite a few things you could do. From the list, the most lucrative would be getting an apprenticeship. Once the training period has passed, the money you’d earn could double or triple. Moreover, it would look good on your resume.

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