Activities To Do with Your Children This Summer
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Summer is a great time to enjoy with the family. Kids tend to get so bored staying at home and they turn to spending lot of time on electronic devices. Listed below are some activities you can try with kids so they have a fun summer.

Go bird watching

This is a fun activity to do as a family during the summer, find out places where you can find different bird species and go there and take photos and learn about them using the help of a guide book or an app. When you go for bird watching there are certain things you have to keep in mind so you can enjoy the whole trip.

Birds are very sensitive to sound so make sure you be as quite as possible so you don’t startle them. Just as how noises can startle them even sudden movements can do the same so be careful with your movements and try to move slow and quiet as possible. Since you find different birds in different habitats make sure you study the habitat so you know what kind of birds you can find.

Growing plants with your kids

It is a very good thing to engage your kids in outdoor activity. Teach them about plants and food they receive from it and engage them in gardening. Use any pots or mason jars that you have and plant in them. Help your kids fill their pots with soil and make them choose what they want to plant this can be seeds of any fruit or anything else. And help them maintain by teaching them how to take care of it.

Go to a beach

Having fun in the beach is something all children love. Bring with them the toys that they would need, so they can build sandcastles or play ball. Because summer time is hot, make sure to bring caps which you can get from Skin Ski & Surf in Yarrawonga

Strawberry picking

Freshly picked strawberries taste way better than the ones you buy at the store. You can let your kids experience this by taking them to pick strawberries. Find a strawberry field close by looking up online and to avoid crowds make sure to go in the morning.

Picking strawberries in summer can be very hot so dress yourselves and the kids appropriately so that they enjoy the trip. Teach your children what kind of strawberries they have to pick because they are unaware, they might pick the unripe ones too. once you are done with the trip and get home, make different dishes with the strawberries like jams and marmalade.

Make a time capsule

You can get together with your family and write something memorable and put some stuff of each member in a time capsule and put it somewhere for a designated date and open it on that day.

Go for a picnic

This weather is a very nice time for a picnic, pack some lunch and go to a beautiful place and enjoy a picnic with your kids.

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