Adding Style to Kids’ Wear
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Kids love colour and glitz on their clothes, do you remember when Cinderella heels were the coolest pair of shoes you owned. Or what about that two-piece bikini you loved to wear swimming. Unlike our olden days nowadays kids have way more put together outfits that look runway ready.

Instead of the lace socks and buckled sandals they know sport a pair of converse sneakers. The generation gap may sometimes affect how you want to style your kids wardrobe clashing with what we think is cool verses what’s trending for them. However, we got you sorted here a few styles up tips so that you and your child can both be satisfied.

Funky footwear

Gone are the lace socks days, not it’s all about sneakers or kids’ loafers. A good pair of shoes can be worn over a long period of time and is a valuable investment. Go for shoes that can be matched with different outfits and weather patterns.

This way your child is happy too. Be sure to at least have a rough idea about what’s trending so they wouldn’t be bossing you around. The wide range of sandals, sneakers, boots and flats are in plenty so finding a pair that makes you both happy will not be a problem.

Sew in some sparkle

This is probably more of a girly thing to do but it works either way. Sew on a line of sequins or jazz up an outfit with colourful or shiny material. There are many ways to jazz up a simple dress or plain t-shirt and jeans. A shiny belt, shoes or sash are easy ways to add some sparkle. Or you could go with the Glow Stick Dress hack, where you literally stick glow sticks onto a dress. Perfect for that 80’s disco vibe.


Who doesn’t love accessories? Clip on earrings, beaded bracelets and hot pink handbags were the coolest things to own. Now however the accessories have gotten a little more sophisticated.

A boy’s outfit can be styles up with a cute watch, funky coloured socks or a cool jacket. Girls have a few more options to choose from such as floral headbands, sunglasses, cute pieces of jewellery and even a side bag. Adding accessories to an outfit will help round it off and look set apart from the rest.

Mix and match colours

This is the easiest way to add style to an outfit. Much like how adults combine colours and designs to our everyday outfits, the same can be done for kids clothes. Floral pattern dresses can be combined with a denim jacket and a checked shirt combined with plain coloured pants. This depends on your own personal sense of style but will also be affected once your child can decide what they like to wear.

In the name of styling up, it is important to still make sure your child looks and feels like a child. They should not wear overly revealing or tight clothes.

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