Baking Tips Every Baker Should Know
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The last year has made home bakers out of a lot of us. The long period at home tested everyone’s patience till they started baking. While some really mastered the art of perfectly risen bread, some dove into baking desserts and pies.

The best way to start baking if you haven’t done it before is probably to look up a recipe that explains each step. However, baking is something that is mastered by practice. There are tips and hacks that cookbooks and online recipes do not mention. Here are a few baking tips that a bound to be useful whether you are starting out or haven been baking for years.

The consistency of butter

Not many recipes or even bakers let you in on this secret but the consistency of your butter is key. Although we assume butter is butter it does affect how your baking turns out. If the recipe requires melted butter do so by microwaving it or leaving it to naturally melt.

Melted butter makes a batter smoother and easier to mix. It takes less time in a mixer too as opposed to breaking up hardened butter. Using butter or margarine too plays a role in how the baking turns out. While margarine might be a cheaper option there is a difference in texture and taste when using butter.

Room temperature

When you read an online recipe, they may say to us ingredients at room temperature. However, it is important to notice what room temperature is. Ingredients such as yeast and self-rising agents work differently in temperatures.

Therefore, room temperature can differ how it reacts. Be sure to check as to if they have mentioned what room temperature is. This way you will have a better idea on how to measure the consistency of your ingredients.

Measuring is key

Some of us try to use shortcuts when it comes to weighing ingredients. We think a few additions or minus will probably not be a big deal. While for our luck this can happen in some cases the differences take a toll on your baking.

Use proper weighing scales and the right measurement for your ingredients. If you are looking for places to get baking tools and equipment, try Banneton Man since they specialize in baking accessories.

Oven temperature

There is a reason all recipes say to preheat an oven before stashing in your baking item. The heat of the oven gets the baking process started as opposed to letting the oven heat from scratch. Here is where an oven thermometer is needed. The temperature mentioned on the recipe is given for a reason; it is what is needed to successfully bake the item inside.

Therefore, stick to the temperature given. Some ovens come with a built-in thermometer, which makes life a lot easier. If not, you can purchase a thermometer from any baking goods store. Although you may think this is not important and tend to overlook it, the texture, look and colour and risen level are determined by it.

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