Car Protection Accessories You Must Have
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Protecting you brand new or even used car is a must because buying a car is quite an investment. Just like we keep our money in a bank or in a safe we must protect our car even more because during daily usage there are so many things that can happen which will lead to you spending tons of money to restore different components back to its former glory.

You might be thinking isn’t that what why we have insurance, but then isn’t prevention better than cure? With these simple accessories you can save money and also time spent for repairs.

Below are some car protection accessories you must have.

Car cover

A car cover is one of the first things you must invest in. A car cover won’t cost you a fortune and benefits fat out weigh the cost of one. Every time you park your car outside or even inside your garage you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your paint.

There are different types of car cover out there. There are indoor car covers made for cars that are parked inside garages and then there are outdoor car covers with features like UV protection. The best option is to opt for an all-season car cover because with today's climate swings you can have snow today and then a heat wave tomorrow.

Car Bra

After a car cover the next thing you need is a PPF or a car bra. A car bra is made of urethane and protects the car from scratches and stone chips. There are several layers and it also offers features like self-healing where the top layer absorbs minorscratches and regains its original form.

It also protects your car from bird dropping which can be quite corrosive on your paint. Read more about the different types of PPFs and exterior protection before picking one.

Body Side Moulding

No matter how safe you drive or park there are some bad negligent drivers out there who seem to have some sort of problem with your car. To protect your car from dents in the car park you can get this flexible resistant material which prevents car doors from touching your paint.

Grill Guards

This is especially important if you drive off road or if roads in your area aren’t smooth and have lots of tiny rocks. A frontgrill guard can protect the front end of your car.

It can sometimes even prevent low impact collision with small animals.

Bug Shields

Bugs are a nuisance. This has been established and they are nothing more than a problem. So, getting a bug shield is quite important.

Modern bug shields are designed to improve your fuel efficiency in the sense that part from perfectly camouflaging into you the front end of the car they are also shaped aerodynamically.

Car Alarm

This is common sense if you want to protect your car from thieves. A car alarm makes it hard for a thief to try mess with your without alerting your or people in the vicinity.

These are some of the most important accessories to have when it comes to car protection. There are more to this list but I would say start with these and then later move on if you feel like you need even more protection.

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