Creative Ways to Display Your Collection or Mementos
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Many people love collecting things. Whether these are vintage items, travel souvenirs, trinkets, historical mementos, or anything else, keeping a collection is one way of reminding us about those memorable times.

However, much of these items end up in a box, stashed away in storage. It would be a waste to have these special items just hidden out there. Although there are some items that are lucky to land a space in the display shelf, sometimes we just have too much stuff yet lesser shelf space.

Bring out all those collections and incorporate them into your home décor with these easy to achieve display tricks.

Framing Keepsakes

Putting keepsakes into frames is one of the classic ways in setting them on display. This is commonly done on photos or portraits to preserve their beauty while making your home look more personalized as well. However, it is not just for flat or 2D displays but for other things as well such as buttons, brooches, and other things as long as they are similar from each other. Arrange and glue them according to what style you want to achieve, place them in a frame to preserve the display.

Mounting Winning Collection

If you have trophies, awards, medals from the military or even from events, putting them on display is a perfect way to show how proud you are having these items. Don’t let your winning collection sitting with dust in a storage box. Put them out and create a spot where you could showcase them.

For certificates, you can frame them to preserve the paper. Arrange the trophies in a cohesive way and mount the others such as the medals and awards. If you need medal mounting Melbourne has a few good companies you can trust.

Create a Curated Centrepiece

A well-curated centrepiece adds more beauty and life to your table or desk. Whether it is a coffee table or a living room console, a centrepiece can be used to showcase your collection in a subtle way. For instance, if you have a cluster of vases with greens for your centrepiece, you can add those little mementos you have to complete the look. Whether it is a little birdcage, a vintage container, or any other item, it would be perfect as long as it fits the theme of your centrepiece.

Display with Transparent Containers

Clear jars or other glass containers are a perfect place to put in those tiny collections that you have. Aside from jars, glass domes are also becoming popular lately in-home décor. You can place a lot of items in these containers – from vintage coins, little buttons, figurines, photos, or anything as long as it fits. It draws the viewer’s eye into the item, giving a spotlight effect into your display.

There are still plenty of ways to display your collection. All you need to do is be creative in exploring more styles and just blend them subtly into your home interior décor.

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