Different Types of Mats for Daily Use
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When it comes to security, many firms are falling behind. According to a survey released in 2012 by the insurance provider Liberty Mutual, more than $13 billion was lost due to accidents involving slips and falls.

As per CNA, the majority of slips and trips in business environments are the result of poorly maintained floor coverings. In short, it appears that American firms would benefit greatly from rethinking their present floor mat and maintenance procedures.

Fortunately, the commercial matting sector offers enough diversity to allow organizations to select a safety mat—or set of matting products—to satisfy specific safety objectives and economic constraints. There are over 50 distinct business floor mats to choose from, each of which falls into one of the matting types listed below.

The Most Important Types Safety Mats for Commercial Use

Mats with links

Link-design Mats are a subcategory of industrial floor mats. These mats have a one-of-a-kind design in which pieces of rubber or vinyl are combined in a chain-link pattern to provide a lot of surface texture and grip. Although link-designs are well-known for their capacity to remove debris and dirt from shoes, they offer relatively little water absorption. Consider putting extra Wiper Mats within the entryway when utilizing linked mats to trap incoming moisture.

Mats for Scraping

Scraper Mats, like the linked mats listed above, are noted for their ability to aggressively clear dirt and debris from shoes. They are identical to Link Mats in that they are best utilized outside and are extremely resistant to temperature and weather fluctuations.

Scraper Mats, as opposed to linked-design mats, are good at gathering and keeping moisture. Despite this advantage, many facilities still use Scraper Mats in conjunction with Wiper Mats to guarantee optimal contaminant safety and comfort.

Wiper Pads

Wiper Mats are used indoors, and many firms personalize them with logos and other decorative components. Wiper mats are well-known for their capacity to absorb and retain moisture especially for pool and wet area matting solutions. Wiper mats are offered with a rubber or vinyl backing for additional traction. Rubber support is commonly found in smooth and cleated types, which are suitable for usage on flat and carpet surfaces.

Mats made of cocoa

Cocoa Mats are a new and more environmentally friendly solution. These mats are commonly referred to as Wiper Mats, however they are created from the husk fibres of organically grown coconuts. Cocoa Mats also have an industrial-strength vinyl backing that helps them stay in place while in use. In contrast to being environmentally beneficial, these one-of-a-kind mats have a long lifespan because the husk fibres are extremely durable and are not easily harmed by foot activity.

Recessed Carpet Tiles 

Recessed Carpet Tiles are consistent with Recessed Mats. Carpet Tiles, like Recessed Mats, are set within a depression in the floor and provide a low tripping hazard for companies with sizable visitor traffic.

Recessed Carpet Tiles, unlike Mats, are modular in design and are sewn together to produce a tiled look. Carpet Tiles, although being tiled, provide excellent dirt, debris, and moisture management. Recessed carpet tiles are also popular in many facilities due to their eye-catching geometric appearance.

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