Essential Farm Equipment You Must Have
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Many people have considered changing careers and vocations these past couple of years due to the issue of pandemics. Many people from overseas actually took the guts to go home to their families and start a small business, some even quit their jobs in order to save money, some who were forced to quit found hope in a different career or business path.

In many of these cases agricultural farming has been at the top of the trendiest venture that people have gone through during the pandemic and it also has its benefits in the community, as to that there would always be a steady and constant flow of foods supplies from farm to the consumers.

But starting an agricultural farming is easier said than done because there are specific things to do aside from the application of business and paperwork, there are also some important equipment that a commoner might not know but is necessary for a farmer to know and to own in order to create an effective working system in their farm.

Here are the must haves before starting a farm:


You must have a property in an agricultural area. A farm, no matter how established, can never be built on a non-agricultural area such as urban commercial or residential areas. The property must also be big enough to house farm animal, equipment, and storage facilities for your produce.

The property must also have its own efficient wasted disposal process to handle the manure and other by-products from the farm, it must also be far from a natural body of water since the waste might contaminate the water supply in the area. The property must also have its own irrigation system because having a farm meant heavy usage of water on a daily basis for the plants and animals and for the farm maintenance.

Hand tools

One must have the complete farming hand tools to be able to handle things and make things in order around the farm. Shovels, rakes, manure spreader, and cattle shears to name a few. A farmer must also know how to tinker with tools around the farm. Given these facts, a farmer must not only own this equipment but he or she must also know how to use it, if one considers building a farm, one must also know firsthand how these tools work and how to use them.

Logistical tools

Owning a farm meant that you would be moving heavy loads on a daily basis, that is why one must own a variety of trucks and trailers specifically meant for farm use. Buy animals feeds for example one must6 have a heavy-duty pickup truck to load these feeds and transfer it to storage.

In moving heavy loads from a truck to another point in the farm one must also have a forklift, because paying people to carry farm produce and farm needs are very time consuming and expensive as well. Handcarts will also come in handy when moving lighter loads around.

All in all, owning a farm is not an easy feat, it needs from preparation and strong motivation to realize.

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