Everything You Need to Know Before Trying on a New Hairstyle
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Our hair is one of the features we often fear changing. Especially when it comes to trying out a new haircut that we have never tried before, we will have many doubts and questions. Will I look good in it? Will I get exactly what I want? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves before making the decision. So, to ensure that you get the right hairstyle and get it done the way you want, there are some tips you can follow. Take a look at the following to see what they are.

Your Face Shape

Although you can choose any style you want, there are certain hairstyles that would look better on you than others. This depends on the shape of your face. You need to know whether your face is oval, round, heart or square shaped.

If you have a wider jawline that juts to the side, it means you have a square face. If you have a rounded jawline then you have a round shaped face. Oval shaped faces have a more angular jawline. Heart shaped faces are those that have a pointed chin and curved in jawline. Knowing these will help you to find better hairstyles that suit you.

Hair Texture

There are certain hair styles that would not work with your hair texture for example, if you want Hollywood feathers or a layered hair, it will not work well with thick, curly hair. But this would work well on thinner hair. Finding the hairstyle according to your hair texture is a little difficult than finding your face shape and matching hairstyles with it. So, it is always advisable to consult your hair stylist and get their expert opinion on what styles suit you the best.

Do Your Research

When we see out favourite celebrity on a magazine cover or Instagram, sometimes it is natural to try on their style, including the hair. But it is always necessary to have realistic expectations as well. For example, that sleek flowing locks can sometimes be extensions or even a wig. So, before you disappoint yourself, it is always better to do some extra research on the kind of hairstyle you want to have. Instead of reading just about celebrity styles, find some images of your everyday women with the same hairstyle.

Choose the Right Salon

If you do not have a regular salon that you visit, then it is necessary to find a good salon for this. Once you cut your hair, there is no changing that. You will have to wait a good extra month if you want to change it. So, find a good salon or a stylist and research about their services before making an appointment. Salons like Hemisphere Hair have mentioned a list of their services on their site. You can refer to websites, look for reviews and ask for referrals before you make the final choice.

Once you have completed these steps, then it is time to book your appointment. Remember that without the right preparations and research it will be difficult to reach your hair goals. 

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