Exotic Animals That Are Great to Have as Pets
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There are people whose idea of having pets is not simply having a dog around, but their idea includes some degree of challenge in their life in terms of taking care of the animal. Thus, there are people who prefer and love exotic animals to be kept as pets.

The more exotic the animal is, the more they are excited to know more about it, study how to take care of it, and even know how breed it. If you are one of those people who are interested in having exotic animals as pets, here are some of the most common exotic animals that are great to have as pets.

Turtles and Tortoises

If you are one who gets the peace of calm and placidity with looking at slow moving pets and animals, then a turtle or tortoise pet is the one for you. It is easy to have these animals as pets because they are generally calm and slow but they are actually able to discern on who their owners are.

In terms of environment, you just have to provide both the damp and dry environment for them and feed them vegetables and oftentimes these animals eat small amount of meat from small insects, or you can simply buy turtle food at your local pet store. They are not complex in terms of maintenance and enclosure.

Exotic Lizards

You can have exotic lizards as pets. They are docile and are harmless if you have small children. You just have to prepare reptile feeds for them and a controlled enclosure or room where the animal will generally live, but it also has to have its own cage where it will feed and rest so that it won’t get stuck anywhere. Before you buy one, make sure that it is in line with your country or state laws where it is permissible to have one as a pet, if not then don’t have one as you will be contributing to its extinction as a species in your area.


Most people do not like toads, well their fear or disgust is actually quite justified. But then again, they should be because toads are harmless animals which can be taken in as a pet. But in having it you should have your tank ready because you just can’t have it roaming around the yard or else you will lose it or have it roaming inside the house as it might get stepped on, it must have a different environment of its own where you can observe it and appreciate it in its own habitat. Just have some feed for it ready and make sure to commit to cleaning its tank at least once per week to keep hygiene in the tank.

You have to remember in choosing a pet you also chose to embrace a responsibility towards the animal as they cannot take care of themselves, and since you have adopted them, you also have to adopt the responsibilities that goes along with the pet. Each pet has its own perks and needs, so it needs some level of commitment in part of the owner to meet those needs and provide a quality life for the animal.