Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls
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Fashion is one way of expressing one’s true self especially for teens. The way a person dresses up says a lot about what personality they have. Styling up can be quite confusing for teens because most likely they are still experimenting on which fashion looks good on them and which ones to ditch. Finding out the right style that suits you best is important to gain more confidence and express yourself more. Here are some of the best fashion tips to help you find a style that would surely make a mark.

Get the Right Proportions

Even if you’re clothes have the perfect fit, they won’t look nice if the proportions aren’t right. Be sure to match the right proportions to each other. Contrasting pieces is one of the easiest yet most fashionable ways of matching proportions. For instance, a long maxi dress would look great when accessorized with a cropped denim jacket; a crop top would look stunning with high waist jeans. Just remember to work with opposing proportions and you’re good to go.

Balance According to Your Figure

Each one of us has a unique figure. To get the perfect outfit style that suits you best, choose pieces that balance your figure. First of all, look in the mirror and find your assets. Then, dress up those assets making them a focal point for your outfit ensemble.

You can also choose clothing styles that hide body features that you don’t like much. If you have broad shoulders, raglan and dolman sleeves are perfect to make them look slimmer. For petite ladies, go for teen girl shorts or skirts that are above the knee length to make the legs look taller. Find a feature in your body that looks good and dress it up for more impact.

Invest More on Simple Styles

Although it’s fun to experiment on fun prints and patterns, investing more on simple style outfits create more versatility in your wardrobe. Go for plain colours or neutrals to make it easier to mix and match your clothing pieces. Don’t forget to get those wardrobe basics such as denim jeans and black leggings. They look great with almost any top making them a perfect item when you’re dressing up in a hurry.

Play with Colours

Colourful outfits look best with teens because of their carefree nature during that age. Experiment with colours and prints for a more unique wardrobe that speaks out your true personality. In choosing colours, be sure to consider your skin tone so that it makes you glow.

Put it on first and see if it makes you glow – you’ll know it when your skin looks brighter and the whites of the eyes look more glowing. If your skin looks sallow when you try it on, then it is not a good colour for your skin.

Aside from those styling tips, you also need confidence in carrying out yourself to the world. The way you move and carry yourself greatly impacts on how you look no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

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