Features of a Hampton Style Home
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Hampton style homes are known for their classy and sophisticated looks but also the rustic, cosy ambience it adds. It provides a great space for relaxation for those of you who prefers indoor-outdoor living. They are also defined by some of the key features that are unique to them. Whether you are renovating your place, or planning to build your own house in this style, make sure to add the following features to get the full Hampton house experience.

Cool Colours

Colours are important in setting the tone of a house. A cool colour palette always helps to bring a beach vibe and causal look about any place. This style is defined by colours such has white, off white, beige, or blues and greens. The most common colours in this style are soft whites but you can also expand your colour palette with other colours such as blues, shades of green or grey. When you are choosing your colours, opt for softer shades and those that are inspired by nature.


The ideal furniture that suits this style is beach-inspired furniture. This gives you the chance to experiment with a couple of different statement furniture such as hanging egg chairs, window seats or coffee tables as decorations. You can also add to this aesthetic by adding a lot of cushions to your couches to give a relaxed and cosy look to it. The materials such as linen, rattan or wicker are perfect for the furniture choices. You can also add outdoor furniture, but make sure they match with the indoor furniture you are chosen.


This style is known for its well-lit living spaces. When designing you renovating your house, the key is to think of an open plan home. The houses look both breezy and spacey which means there should be enough natural lights during day time. So, make sure to not choose blinds that block out the sunlight, or use lampshades that can direct light in only one direction. The use of natural lights will further help you to achieve the summer like vibe of this style.

Outdoor Features

When it comes to Hamptons style homes Australia has some of its own unique features that differs from the US style. The adding of a veranda is one these features.  These homes include a wraparound veranda that are quite similar to country houses. This feature also comes with many benefits from the added aesthetic appeal and property value to giving you additional space for outdoor entertainment. Some other features that can be included are porches, gables, columns and fretwork.


The outside or the exterior of your house is also as important when creating this particular style. Some of the key elements that can help you to create the look of a Hampton style garden are symmetry, small ledges, rich greenery and flowers such as gardenia and hydrangeas. Greenery will help to turn your aesthetic more rustic. You can even add a plant or two as a decorating accessory inside the home too.

If you choose your decoration, design and accessories carefully, any house can be turned into this style. You can always consult a designer to get more ideas and inspiration for your designs.

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