Having A Sustainable and Minimal Waste Kitchen
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The kitchen is the central waste generator of a household. Waste ranges from plastic, paper and food. While eliminating food waste can be tricky there are many ways to reduce the extra consumption and disposal of plastic and paper items.

With the growing concern of waste disposal and plastic production taking its toll on the environment, a sustainable and minimal-waste kitchen can be easily achieved. Only a few changes in our purchases and some inexpensive long-term investments are needed. Mentioned below are a few tips to creating an eco- friendly, sustainable kitchen.

Glass storage boxes

It is true that glass takes longer to disintegrate once treated as waste, but it is one type of item that can be reused for a long period of time. Instead of plastic storage boxes and bags using glass or microwave safe glass boxes can help in food storage. Old jam jars can be converted to storing dry ingredients such as herbs and food that can be stored for some time such as pickles. Glass bottles can be used as table decorations or even to store homemade beverages.

Straws, cutlery and crockery

Paper or plastic cups, plates and straws are commonly used when catering to large crowds for the ease of use. Although they are convenient to use once the damage to the environment is permanent.

Switching to wooden cutlery manufactured with cheap wood that is sustainable can completely wipe out the need for plastic.  Instead of plastic or paper straws, buy silicone straws instead. They are completely reusable and easy to clean. Investing in ceramic crockery made with natural clay is eco- friendly and now come in a plethora of colours and designs for an aesthetic kitchen.

Clothe washcloths

Paper kitchen towels and sponges are widely used in homes. Instead of these using clothe washcloths for cleaning can be a great substitute. Instead of throwing away the used paper towels, a cloth washcloth can be washed, dried and reused. This will also cut back on your expenditure on cleaning items.

Compostable wrap

Cling foil, aluminium wrap and plastic lunch sheets are all equivalent to non-biodegradable, single use kitchen waste. The best alternative for these is to use compostable wrap made from beeswax.

This wrap is not only a cheap purchase but also keep food fresh for longer if stored in the correct temperatures. If you are storing dry ingredients they can even be washed and reused if necessary. Gone is the guilt of the never-ending pile of food wrap in your waste bin.

Water filters or stainless-steel water bottles

We purchase plastic bottles at an unhealthy rate. Investing in a purifying water filter is the best solution. These water filters only need tap water to be poured in and is purified within the system. Carrying a stainless-steel water bottle totally eliminates purchasing water bottles whenever you are thirsty.

These small changes can result in a successful switch to a sustainable life style. Considering the environmental threat, it should be mandatory to adopt sustainable- minimal waste measures.

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