How to Choose the Perfect Artwork for Your Home
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Home decorating is one of the favourite hobbies of most homeowners, especially those who just bought their new home. The type of decorations we put in our home reflects a lot of our personality and preferences. However, no matter how we love the theme at first, sometimes it gets to the point when we get bored of the same old look of our home. This is when we try to look for ways on how to redecorate it to refresh its look.

Putting up artworks around your home is one easy way to add style into your old home décor. With so many different artworks out there, you could definitely find the right piece that suits your preferences. However, there are some basic tips you need to keep in mind when choosing or buying artworks for your home. Read along to help you find the perfect one depending on the space you’re decorating.

Living Room Artwork

This is probably the most difficult area to decorate at home. A lot of homeowners feel pressured when choosing the décor pieces to be used in the living room since it is the space most of your visitors will see and spend more time in. Living room décor has a huge impact in setting the mood and ambience of the place. Mostly, it is best to go for one large-scale artwork with bold details as the focal point of your décor especially when you have a wide empty wall. However, if you have lesser wall space, you can go for medium-sized artworks or a series of small frames.

Office Artwork

Since the start of the pandemic last year, many people have been working from home to keep safe from the virus. Since then, home offices have become a common part of every home. A home office shouldn’t look plain and too minimalist. You could also incorporate art and style in it to help perk up your mood or inspire your thoughts while you’re working.

To do this, install a floating ledge first preferably over your work area. Then, you could display an assortment of artworks on that shelf in varying sizes and styles. If you still have more free space in your home office, you could even put an art sculpture to fill in that empty spot. There are plenty of beautiful contemporary sculptures like Yayoi Kusama artworks, and many more.

Bedroom Artwork

Since the bedroom is a space to relax and retreat, the type of artwork should also reflect that kind of vibes. When choosing an artwork for your bedroom, abstract ones with relaxing or soothing hues are the best. You could also go for landscapes or photography if you want a more detailed piece. Hang it directly on the wall over the bed or opposite to it. Large artworks that are hung on eye level are perfect for the bedroom. It is best to keep décor at minimal to avoid too many distractions while you’re trying to relax.

Those were only a few tips you could try out when choosing artworks for your home. There are still plenty to explore, just be open to new ideas and styles.

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