How to Get Started with Resin Art
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Resin art is one of the most popular crafts these days. The finished products look really amazing and luxurious whether it is a resin jewellery, ornaments, or any other items made from resin.

Because of how luxurious resin art looks, many people think that it is hard to do. However, with patience and creativity, making resin art is definitely achievable for anyone. It might feel a little bit intimidating at first but once you start to get the hang of it, you could definitely create a lot of things using resin.

Here’s a little guide to help you get started with resin art.


Resin, or epoxy resin consists of the mixture of resin and hardener. When these two components are combined, there will be reaction that would result into a hardened, clear plastic. This material is really durable and glossy, giving it its classy look. There are plenty of things where you could use resin such as jewellery, home decorations, floors, and many more.

Mixing Resin

Before you could start with your resin art, you need to get the essential resin art supplies first. Then, combine the two components into a container. Follow the instructions on the label on how much amount of each component should be mixed together. After mixing, just pour it over the mould you want and pop all the bubbles in it for a clear finish. If you’re having multilayers in your project, be sure to let the first layer cure first before adding the next.

Resin Moulds

Resin moulds are every resin artists’ best friend. It is almost impossible to create a 3D piece without using moulds. The most recommended ones are silicone moulds because they are easy and more convenient to use. Simply pop out the cured resin gently and you already have a 3D artwork done.

You could choose not to use a resin mould if you only want to create stylish surfaces on items such as cutting boards, tables, coasters, and many more. Simply pour the resin on it, create the design that you want, sit it on a stand to let the excess resin pour off, and cure it.

Colouring Resin

Although resin becomes clear when it’s dried, you can add more life to it by putting some colours. Alcohol ink and acrylic paint are just some of the best colouring items that work well with resin. However, you can still experiment with other colorants such as resin pigments.


Of course, your resin art won’t be complete without any inclusions in it. This refers to those little items you add into your artwork – beads, glitters, charms, dried flowers, and many more. This makes your artwork look more special and especially if you’re trying to create a story within your artwork.

Resin art is a fun craft everyone could try out. Once you know the basics on how to prepare resin, you could experiment with endless ways on how to decorate it and make each piece extra special.

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