How to Maximize Your Store Space with Shopfitting
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Every space is essential in a store. Whether you have a big shop or a small one, you need to make the most of your store space to maximize your sales and make your business grow. This is when shopfitting comes really helpful. Shopfitters see to it that your store is properly designed and laid-out in a way that your products are attractively displayed and the customers will have a good and smooth shopping experience.

Aside from the store layout, shopfitting also uses fixtures to achieve the perfect fit out that suits your business. Here are the essential fixtures you need to maximize your store space and how to effectively use them.


Shelves are common in almost every shop. It helps you display more items at a given area in an organized and eye-catching manner, giving each of your products that chance to be seen by potential customers. When choosing a shelving system, look for one that is adjustable for more versatility in usage.

Freestanding Shelves

Aside from regular shelves, freestanding shelves are also great especially for retail stores. This type of shelving is usually used as the focal point of your display since you could adjust them anywhere you want. Freestanding shelves are effective in displaying new items since it helps highlight your new products, making it more noticeable to customers. There are plenty of freestanding shelves to choose from depending on your shop’s style – glass showcase towers, clothes rack, gondola shelves, and many more. 

Wall Systems

Another essential part of a shop fit out is the wall system. In a store, the wall can be utilized for your display by installing accessories to hold your products. The slatted wall fitting is the most popular among businesses since there are plenty of accessories you could add on to create a wall display of your products. Design the perfect retail space in Brisbane by hiring one of the best shopfitters for your retail shop.

Merchandise Islands

If you want something unique yet space efficient, a merchandise island is a perfect fixture for your shop. Store islands are used as a focal point for your display. However, it has a tiered design, giving you more space to display more products. You could choose whether to have a small or big store island depending on the space you have.

Storefront Window

Lastly, the storefront window plays a huge role in making your display more appealing especially if you have a retail business. Cable and rod systems are commonly used to setup a storefront window display. Aside from that, you also need to create an appealing lighting effect to catch the eye of passers-by and inspire them to enter your shop.

With all those shopfitting fixtures, you can be sure that every space and corner of your store is well utilized and all of your products are equally noticed by potential customers. In the hands of a good shopfitter, you can be sure to get the best shop configuration that suits your store. 

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