How to plan a great bachelor night
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If you are recently being given the honour of being a best man at a wedding, it must be one of the biggest concerns in your mind to plan an epic bachelor night that the groom and his friends will remember forever. Planning a bachelor night is not as easy as you think it would be. It is important to get into the details and plan it to the core so that there will not be anything going wrong on the day of the party. If you are new at the whole party planning concept one of the things you should know is that even an amateur can throw a great party if he is organized. Therefore, it is important that you get a pen and a paper and write down every detail to ensure the smooth running of the party.

The most prominent part of the bachelor party is the female entertainment. Though there are plenty of companies who provide female entertainment for bachelor nights, make sure you look for recommendations and high ratings when hiring female entertainment. Do not only limit yourself to hiring a stripper for the evening, go an extra mile and look for an entertainment company that provide topless waitresses for every bucks party. Hiring a stripper is a common form of entertainment, which all your friends and the attendees of the bucks night will anticipate but having topless waitresses and topless poker dealers can add to the fun and create an atmosphere of great entertainment for the guys. Also, it will act as a surprise they never anticipated.

The next aspect is to ensure that you have enough booze for the party. Keep a headcount of the number of guests and make an accurate calculation of how much booze you may need to buy before the party. It is going to be a great hassle to run to the store to get more booze in the middle of the party as it totally breaks the flow and leaves you with this uncomfortable gap in the evening where everyone does not know what to do except wait for the booze to arrive.

Another important aspect is the games. Many people do not think too much about this. But it is always important to have some games ready for the guys. Because once the adult entertainment is over and the booze wears off, your friends will want to sit back, relax, and have a typical guy-time. What better way to end the night with a game of poker? Therefore, it is ideal to have a pack of cards ready. Having a play station may never hurt too. It can be helpful to enquire from the guys what games they like to play and have them ready before the night starts.

Careful planning is the essence of a successful party. Even if you think that planning a bucks night is nothing much, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of planning it could take to throw a great party. Therefore, it is always advisable to plan ahead and have the necessary things ready before the day of the party.

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