How to Properly Care for Your Boat?
The maintenance of your boat is almost the same as that of your car, although there are some differences. Perhaps one of the major differences is that you need to take extra care of your boat’s exterior since it is more prone to rusting and deterioration since it is almost always wet, as compared to your car.…Continue readingHow to Properly Care for Your Boat?

Proper maintenance of your boat would also ensure that in every voyage you take. You would be able to come back to shore safe and sound. Taking care of your boat includes the following:

Engine Maintenance

The basic maintenance you could do for your boat’s engine is to make sure it is clean and all parts are well lubricated. Making sure that you have flushed it from saltwater would also prolong the engine’s life. Checking the oil as often as necessary would also mean that you are topping it off before it becomes lower than what is required for it to function. Every boat differs and some would require for it to be empty and changed every 50-100 hours of use.

You need to use the type of oil specified in the manual because using a different one would damage your engine. When you check the engine’s oil level, check as well the hoses and other parts of the engine to see if there are any signs of corrosion. Of course, availing of the excellent engines from the authorized boat and motor dealers would mean that you don’t have to worry about the quality. If you would care for it as instructed, you would not need to worry about it failing you while you are out in the waters.

Hull Maintenance

The boat’s hull or its body should also be a concern, especially if the hull is made out of fiberglass which needs to be properly washed and waxed. If the hull is not maintained and cares for, the possibility of it developing mould and mildew is likely. When the hull is not thoroughly cleaned, you might not be able to notice if fuel or other fluids are leaking.

Boat Service and Repairs

You could not do all of your boat’s maintenance by yourself at home. You would need the help of professionals to service and repair damages to your boat. Periodic checking of your boat would ensure that small and minor damages would not get worse. Once you notice something needs to be fixed immediately hire a professional to fix it for you. Do not try to attempt to fix it yourself because the damage might be bigger.

Propeller Care

The propeller might also come loose so as a boat owner, you have to inspect it frequently. Propellers might also be entangled in fishing lines and nets or water plants or might be deformed after hitting hard objects.

Your boat is not only for transportation but also for rest and relaxation and another place to entertain your guests. It is also a good investment especially if you cared for it and you could resell it in the future.

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