Keep that Gas Stove Sparkling
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One of the most important components in your kitchen is your gas stove. Without this you won’t be able to whip up your favourite dishes unless you plan on making a survival style fire outside.

You can technically use an oven or a microwave but not everything can be made using those two. So, if you want your stove running smoothly you should maintain it by cleaning it frequently.

Below are a few tips to take care of your gas stove and ensure that it lasts for a long time.

Tip 1: Clean it with Soap and Water

This is the easiest maintenance tip when it comes to gas stoves. All you need is water and some dish washing soap.

Start off by removing the burners and grates and keeping them aside. Using a clean towel wipe first before using any product on the stove. Take the burners you left aside and soak them in a solution of water and dish soap. Using an old toothbrush or a scrub brush and clean thoroughly.

Later use a sponge and clean the stove itself and don’t forget to dry because this step crucial and very important.

Water leakage into the stove sometimes causes it to stop working so don’t use a lot of water directly on the stove. If this does happen there are quite a few service providers that do gas cooktop repairs in Melbourne.

Tip 2: Use Ammonia to Clean it

Some stubborn stains don’t wash away with good old soapy water. Ammonia is a good cleaning agent. You will have to however soak the graters and burners overnight in an ammonia solution. I like to seal them in zip-lock bags and then add the ammonia in the morning to just rinse them.

Tip 3: Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

When it comes to grease stains, there is nothing better than this combination. While you can soak the burner in ammonia you can’t soak the stove top so instead drop some baking soda over the top and sprinkle some hydrogen peroxide.

Leave it for a while and you will see the grease stains break down. Using a wet towel just wipe it off and then dry.

Tip 4: Use White Vinegar

This is an alternative to the Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda combination. Overflows and caked-up grime can be easily wiped off with white vinegar. Begin by mixing two parts of water with one part of while vinegar.

Preferably use a spray bottle and spray this solution directly on the stains. The acidity of vinegar will tend to break up even the strongest stains. This works on glass stove tops too.

Tip 5: Razor Scraper

This sounds dangerous and let me tell you that it is, so this should be your last resort when nothing else works. This also means you’re preparing to clean your stove top after ages and hence the super stubbing stains.

Using the blade at an angle chip off the caked-up grim and then rinse off using water.

These are just a few methods to keep your stove top sparkly. I recommend that you wipe it off after every cooking session so that you don’t have to resort to extreme methods. Water and Soap will usually work fine if you regularly clean it.

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