Maintenance of Solar Panels
Solar panels when originally invented were a huge leap forward for the energy industry. It meant that we were able to envision a slow transition away from crude oil for our energy to a more eco-friendly, renewable form of energy. Solar panel technology has come forward by leaps and bounds since it was first invented, and the biggest innovation so far is the ability to have them installed in our homes.…Continue readingMaintenance of Solar Panels

Solar panels that are based in our homes are fascinating because they can actually cut our utility bills and sometimes even provide us with money as we supply energy to the power grid. They are fantastic additions to any home. But with any new addition comes the need to maintain it, and if you require solar panel maintenance expertise, look no further than the good people at solar panel repairs and maintenance Toowoomba. Their professionalism and technical expertise will shine as they repair your solar panels.

Solar panels are great and can last over 25 years, providing your home with renewable energy, but the question arises in most homeowners’ minds, how on earth do we maintain them? Are they like cars where you need to maintain them every few months? Or is it a matter of just letting them sits there with minimal interference?

Well, the answer to that is that solar panels do need maintenance but not much, they only need a little light cleaning here and there to ensure that leaves, dust, and debris aren’t blocking their view of the sun. By doing this regularly you will be able to keep your solar panels in tip-top condition. The only reason that you would put a little extra effort in is when it was snowing. In snowy weather, you will find that you need to remove the snow off the panels manually.

So how do you actually do it I hear you ask? Well, it’s simple, if your panels are tilted, then you don’t even need to make the effort to clean debris and dust, because the rain will take care of that (provided rain is reasonably common in your area). You will however need to put in a little bit of elbow grease and get the snow off your panels when the time comes. For this, you can just use some kind of brush, or a squeegee to get it off, but it’s very important that you remember never to use hot water to get the snow off.

By pouring hot water all over the tempered glass of the solar panel, you are risking creating such a huge temperature change, that you actually crack the glass and break the panel. Another question we get fairly often is “what is the difference between ground panels and roof panels?”. Well, the difference is basically in the name only. Ground panels are installed on the ground, and the roof panels are installed on the roof and simple as that.

Overall, solar panels are extremely innovative pieces of equipment that don’t require a whole lot of maintenance, but if you notice that their power output is dropping slowly, you will want to check the panels for debris and dust first and then call the professionals.

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