Making a Decision on Co-Ed or Single Sex Schools
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You can find both co-ed and single sex schools in your local area but when sending your child to school, you need to make a decision on which school to go to. While choosing a school with good academic performance along with a good balance of extracurricular and social activities is ideal, there may be additional benefits in choosing either a co-ed or single sex school.

The main advantage of selecting co-ed schools Brisbane is the increased diversity your child will be exposed to. When children are exposed to a variety of people whether different sexes, ethnicities, cultures etc. they get a wider perspective of the world. And it can be a benefit to spend time and make friends with those of the opposite sex. This is a great way of fostering respect for the opposite gender which can contribute to better workplaces in the future. Your child will be more adapted to different environments and they will find it easy to adapt to new people and situations.        Sometimes, there can be a gap in communication when it comes to people of different sex. These gaps in communication can be closed significantly when your child has experienced a co-ed environment. There is also more emphasis on equality when it comes to a co-ed school and both boys and girls will be treated equally and they will be given the same exams and tasks to complete. They will get by on performance alone which can create healthy competition.

However, there can be some downsides to co-ed schools as well. This is a time when children explore their boundaries and what they are as individuals. And having members of the opposite sex can be distracting. It will create opportunities for building relationships that can hinder their academic performance. But all of this depends on the child and their capabilities. You need to make sure that school work comes first. With budding relationships, young men and women can be shy about asking questions in class which can lead to missing out on opportunities of learning. Some studies have found there is less bullying when it comes to single sex schools and this can create a safer learning environment. And children can excel without wondering how that will appear to others or without worrying about impressing those of the opposite gender.

But there is less socialization with the opposite sex when you are in a single sex school that can hinder how they communicate and interact with each other. And there is a lot that boys and girls can learn from each other. Girls can learn to be more adventurous when they associate with boys and boys can learn to be more empathetic. You have to consider the wishes of the child when selecting the type of school. Have them become part of the discussion and present them with the facts. In addition to the type of school, make sure the schools on your list have a good reputation and provide good exposure to the children. You may find that there is no single sex school in your local area which will mean sending your child off to boarding school. You have to consider the impact of sending them to a faraway location compared to having them come home every day.