Nailing A Job Interview – A Guy’s Guide
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Everyone gets nervous before a job interview. But nailing it depends on a couple of things. They’re pretty easy, and depend on things like how well you research and dress. We talked all about them below, read ahead.

Be Confident

No matter how good your qualifications are, the interview is not going to want to make you a part of the company if you’re not confident. Unfortunately, this might be something you struggle with.

You can evoke confidence by prepping yourself. Put yourself in the mood before the interview – do things you like. Affirmations in the mirror also good.

When at the interview, be sure to have your eyes latched onto his. It shows that you’re not anxious; it’s a tool as old as time.

Watch Your Body Language

You not only want to exude confidence, but you also need to be positive. Your body language should tell the hiring manager that you’re approachable.

By leaning forward and being attentive, it’d show him that you’re taking in everything he’s saying. By not crossing your arms, you don’t create a barrier either.

Dress Well

First impressions matter, that’s why what you’re wearing is important. You could go into the interview with some quality pants, shiny shoes and a tucked in button shirt. However, a suit would make the best impression.

They come in all shapes and sizes. We recommend purchasing a custom one as it’d compliment your features. As you may be thinking, they’d be expensive, right? Not really. If you’re looking for bespoke tailors Sydney has many, so looking around can save you cash. People tend to just work with whoever’s the closest. You can find someone that promises quality and affordability if you’re not lazy.

Study Your Resume

At any given time, you may be questioned about what’s on your resume. You need to be able to touch on your experience intelligently and with detail. This’ll give the hiring manager a good idea of what you’re capable of.

More importantly, you need to be able to explain your past positions and experience in a way that would benefit the company you want to join.

Study the Job Description

By studying the job description, you’ll be ready for the type of questions they’ll ask. You can navigate the interview to ask questions that’d let you understand the job better too. This’d not only let your employer know that you’ve done your research, but will make you aware of anything you might not like to know.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to job interviews, you’re not wrong to feel nervous. However, there’re several things you can do to nail them. The easiest would be to watch what you’re wearing. Something like a suit would give the hiring manager the best impression. You’ll also improve your chances by exuding confidence and adjusting your body language – crossing your arms shows that you’re not a very open individual.

Considering everything we talked about, all of them will work amazingly. Which of them do you think is the most important, though?

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