Purchasing an Earth Auger? 7 Things to Consider
Like most heavy-duty machinery, there are many things to consider when purchasing earth augers. We want you to be the most informed, so we summed everything up below. Read ahead.…Continue readingPurchasing an Earth Auger? 7 Things to Consider

Engine Power

Soil can be very hard to drill through, which is why different augers come with different engine powers. More powerful ones tend to be more expensive. However, they can also be more difficult to work with.


Along with horse-power, you need to consider the stroke of the machine. You’ll have to choose between two and four-stroke ones. The drillers with two-stroke engines are the most affordable. They make the most noise, though, and they require more maintenance work.

Drill-bit Size

The size of its drill bit affects how big of holes you’ll be able to poke. You can pick augers up with bits between 2 and 12 inches. But two-man operated ones come with larger 14-inch nails. If you’re buying the machine used, make sure that you’re getting the parts with it.

Depth Capacity

How deep do you need to dig? Most earth augers dig holes between 2.5 feet (76 cm). How deep you’ll go depends on their horse-power and stroke. If you want to go deeper than specified, you can use extensions. They can reach depths up to 8 feet.


As they come in different sizes, not all accessories fit them. When buying auger teeth, this is something to consider. You need to make sure that your machine is not a usual size – you’ll have a hard time finding parts otherwise. Depending on how hard it is to pick up parts, you may be forced into paying more.


You can pick the machine up used or new. Used isn’t a bad choice – you’ll be able to grab it for a fraction of the cost. If you look around, you could get one of very good quality. However, the presence of maintenance logs is important. You want an auger with a detailed history; you’ll know how long it’ll last. Unfortunately, not many sellers are transparent with product history.

New would mean it’d be in the best condition. You’ll also get the most thorough guarantee and warranty.


As mentioned, buying used would help you save money. But if you wait it out, you could grab a new one that’s going for a deal. Although you might not think it, sellers cut their prices during the holidays.

Final Thoughts

What did you think of all the points discussed? Earth augers are some of the most useful tools for construction and remodeling. They’re sought after, so there are many sellers offering them used. Purchasing them second hand could be a hit or a miss, as you could grab one for cheap. However, it could be in less than great condition, which is why you’re advised to look hard before settling.

Of course, make note of the product’s horsepower and strokes too. They influence how easy the machines are to work. The accessories you’ll be able to add are also important.

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