Redesigning Your Bedroom on A Budget
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The bedroom is that one place that is home in your home, your little sanctuary, place or rest and comfort. An appealing bedroom is not only a mood lifter but it also affects your mood and stress levels.

Waking up to a space you like being in is an automatic mood fixer and coming home after a long day to a familiar surrounding is a de- stress. Regardless of the space of your bedroom or its existing design there are many ways to re-do your bedroom on a budget, here are some simple ways to upgrade it.

A new paint jobs

Lousy, faded or peeling paint can be a huge reason as to why your bedroom is looking drab. Dingy colours and stains make the space look old, untidy and sometimes even unhappy. Consider doing a new paint job and using colours that make the space look bigger. Light colours are recommended or splashes of something bold to add some spice. The advantage about a new paint job is that you can even do it by yourself given you have the patience for it.


Sick of those boring curtains that now lack colour and lustre, maybe it is time to change it up. Choose from the wide variety of patterns, colour and textures. You can keep it simple with a neutral or single colour or even opt for floras for a change.

Consider a dark shade if you are someone who likes a blacked-out room during the day. However, it is important to decide on upholstery after you have selected paint so that they both will match.

Comfortable bedding

Soft clean sheets are the perfect way to end a long day. There is something so satisfying about sinking into a comfortable bed. Get rid of the worn-out sheets and indulge in some comfy bedding. You can buy duvet covers online NZ stores which are just a few clicks away. They have a variety of options for all bed sizes and styles. The options are plenty and you have some great choices to pick from.

Get rid of the clutter

A bedroom is a place that is constantly filled with things we do not need; it becomes are sort of storage room without any realization. Going through drawers and cupboards will help in sorting out what you really need and what you can get rid of.

Giving away old clothes, cleaning up empty shoe boxes and even rearranging some of the furniture can help clear some free space. Once you have gotten rid of all the clutter try adding in a comfy chair or even a bedside table so that it can look aesthetic. Once you have freed up the space your bedroom will automatically look bigger and airy.

Statement furniture

Whether it is a cute lamp or a throw rug near your bed, add a piece of furniture or accessory of your choice. This will make it more personalized and feel comfortable.

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