Selecting a Company to Mount Military Medals
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Medal mounting will ensure the preservation of these valuable items. There are many companies that provide military medal mounting services. You need to select the right company so that they provide exemplary service and no damage is done to the medals during the process. This is why experience is so important when it comes to these services.

If you are not sure of how to mount the medals properly, you can get the services of A1 Service Medals who will offer a high level of attention to medal mounting. There are many types of medals such as military and war medals. They are awarded to appreciate the honour and commitment that military personnel have provided the nation. These medals should be preserved and mounted carefully as they are a token of honour and pride. There are two types of mounting methods such as court and swing mounting. These have their pros and cons. Court mounting is where the medals are mounted together along with the ribbons to a backing board that stops them from moving. Swing mounting is where the medals will swing from the point they are attached. The mounting bar they will be attached to will not be visible. This is basically a matter of appearance and personal preference. 

When you are choosing a company to mount medals, you need to consider a professional who treats these valuables with respect. There are many companies that are operated by former military personnel. This gives them more background on the subject and they will have an innate appreciation for the medals and what they signify as well. You can look at their websites to see photos of how the medals have been mounted to get an idea of the quality of their services. They will generally have a portfolio on their website so that you can assess their previous work. If you can’t find a portfolio on the website, you can contact the company and ask to see their work. If they are close by, you can drop into the store and take a look in person. If the ribbons are not well preserved, you can ask the company about replacing them. You can ask where they source their materials and how quickly they can finish the job.

The price should be affordable and appropriate for the service and the workmanship has to be top quality. You need to assess the precision that the company is using to mount the models. There has to be 100% accuracy when mounting the medal. This requires accurate information and knowledge about military medals. You can also ask for recommendations from colleagues or others who are in possession of war medals for companies that they work with. You can ask them how they found the service and whether they have any tips for preserving the medals as well. Medal preservation is something that the company can educate you on. Most of these companies will have a service where they clean medals and provide storing options.

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