Some Guidelines To Follow When Traveling With Your Pet Dog
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When you own a pet and are trying to enjoy a vacation, it can be tough to leave your pet behind. Therefore, ultimately you decide on taking your pet along with you for the holiday trip. However, traveling with your pet dog may not be easy as you think especially if it is the first time or if you have not done the preparations properly before the travel.

In view of that, you need to follow some tips to fulfill your dog’s needs conveniently even when you are out of your home. Listed below are some instructions you can adhere to so that you can ensure a comfortable and safe journey for both you and your pup.

Have an identification tag for your dog

Generally, pets tend to get lost even while they are within the house premises. So, when you go on trips and take your pet dog along with you, there is a high chance of losing your dog at any point ofyour trip.

To avoid this, you need to tie a strong leash and collar around your dog’s neck with a tag mentioning your dog’s name, your name as well as your contact number. As you will be out of home it is best to also have another temporary identification tag with the details of your holiday spot. In addition to this, you can consider getting a pet microchip for extra protection and precise identification.

By following all these, even if your pup may go away from you and cannot find its way back, it will be easily identifiable due to the identification tags. This way you will get your pet back to you sooner than your thought.

A travel kit for your pup is a must

Just like you would pack up your things to be out of home for a few days, similarly, it is important to pack up your dog’s essentials too.

You need to carry with you your pup’s medical history records along with proof of recent vaccination. Also, you must take your dog’s usual food, food bowl, and any medicines. Additionally, carry along some waste bags and other cleaning and first-aid kits as well as a favorite toy or two to keep your pup joyful and occupied during the vacation.

Get your dog a crate or carrier

Your mode of travel can either be a car or an airplane. Either way, you must ensure your dog’s safety and comfort. So, invest in a pet carrier to fit your pup into it and avoid any distractions from your pet when traveling.

Furthermore, having a carrier becomes crucial especially when you are traveling in a plane. You must also take note that you have to meet certain requirements before taking a carrier inside a plane. Hence, choose the right dog carrier for your pet and purchase it as early as possible. Make sure the carrier is sturdy and large enough with sufficient ventilation.

Teach some commandments to your dog

While being at home, your pup may not be very familiar with following instructions correctly. So, before traveling, train your dog to follow commands such as “sit”, “walk”, “stop” to make the travel experience with your pet more convenient.

Besides, since you will be surrounded by new people, training good manners in your dog can create a good impression because a barking dog can annoy the surrounding neighborhood.

If you are unable to give the proper training to your dog by yourself, hire a professional for this purpose at least a week ahead before the journey.

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