Starting Your Own Pressure Washing Business? 5 Points to Consider
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If you’re thinking of starting the business, you’re making the right move. There might be a huge gap in the market where you live. The below points would be everything to consider before taking the leap.

Type of Properties

Probably the most important thing to consider is the type of properties you’ll be cleaning. Commercial and industrial settings let you charge the most, as the buildings tend to be big.

Once you know what type of property, you’d be cleaning, get the appropriate equipment. The dirt to clean may be too tough for your hose as it was made for clean houses.


What services will you be offering? With pressure cleaning, you’d think that the only thing you could do is remove grime. This is not the case – you could work on restoration projects, paint removal, and overall property maintenance. Materials like glass require more sensitive pressure cleaning than something like concrete too.

If you want to make the most cash, you’d offer the most services possible. But with your current skill-set, this may be out of the question. Focus on the tasks that you know you’re good at. This’d make customers keep coming back as you’d offer quality work.


Let’s talk about the equipment you’ll need again. Invest in quality options; you’ll be able to take care of the toughest projects.

When working on commercial settings, you’ll need to purchase a pressure washer that shoots water out at higher than 3,500 PSI. But if you’ll only be working on homes, 3,500 PSI would be more than enough. 

Make note of how much water you’d be needing too. The area to clean might be huge - invest in pressure washer trailers; they’ll let you carry a lot of liquid around.  The hoses you buy should be long enough to handle great distances as well.

Don’t forget that you’d need a vehicle to get to and from sites. You don’t need to splurge on a van. You only need something that would let you move around.


Something that would help you attract customers would be the pricing of your services. Charge for the quality of work you’ll be offering - no one likes to be ripped off. Look at competitors and see the rates they’re making customers pay.


Just like any other business, create and run a good brand. Even if you offer the best services, people won’t want to work with you if they’ve heard negative things about your customer service.

When it comes to brand image, something that would help you stick out would be your company’s name. Create a website and social media accounts for people to find you too.  Don’t forget to regularly engage with customers online to create personal connections.

Final Thoughts

As you saw, there is quite a lot to keep in mind before starting the company. The most important is being specific about the property you’ll be dealing with as well as the type of equipment you’ll be carrying.

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