Taking Care of Women’s Shoes
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Women have different styles and designs of shoes to choose from when shopping. From leather boots to sneakers, each of these shoes helps to change our look and outfit. However, just as their style change, the way need they need to be cleaned change. When it comes to taking care of women’s shoes, you need to know that the method you apply on your leather shoes cannot be used on suede. Take a look at the following to figure out how you can clean each pair of your shoe collection.


Leather shoes have a very specific care routine that you need to follow in order to increase its lifespan and protect the leather. You can buy a leather shoe protector products such as waterproof sprays or polishes to ensure both its quality and good looks. When you are cleaning these shoes, stick to only soft brushes or cloth so you will not tear at the leather – from removing dirt to wiping the surface to maintain its glossy, soft surface, never use brushes with hard bristles.

Patent Leather

This is a type of shoes that is easier to clean than leather. In order to clean these shoes, you will only need a soft cloth and some water. However, you can also buy a patent leather cleaner to give it a more thorough cleaning. To give the shoes some shine, you can apply a little bit of petroleum jelly and rub it on the surface evenly until the surface gets its glossy nature.


Suede shoe cleaning routine is a little different than leather. Firstly, you need to spray them with a protection spray before wearing them. Buy a suede protection spray so you can wear your shoes without fear. Another way to avoid ruining your suede shoes and making maintenance easier is by avoiding them on day that tend to have wet or rainy weather.

To clean off mud stains or dirt from suede, you can use a suede brush. Wait until your shoes are dry and brush the dirt off by gently moving the brush.


Now these are types of women’s shoes that we can clean very easily. Most of the time we tend to just put them in the washer the way we do with our everyday clothes. And most of the time, the washer-method do work. But it is always better to read the cleaning instructions before this. While most of the trainers could be cleaned in the washer, some brands advice not to do this. In case you cannot put them in the washer, you can clean them using some washing powder or washing liquid. Just brush away the dirt using the washing powder or liquid and rinse them off with water.


The cleaning of canvas shoes is not much different than cleaning trainers. Brush off the mud and dirt first. Once all the dirt is removed, you can put them in the washer. But if the leaning instructions say no to this, you can use a soft brush or a rag to clean them.  Similar to trainers, you can use washing powder or washing liquid for this task.

Remember that each shoe is made of a different material and therefore their properties differ. This is why you need to know the different methods of cleaning these shoes, so you can give them the best cleaning you can.

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