The Benefits of Thermal Printing for Your Business
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Thermal printing uses heat to produce an image on paper, it does this by using a special coating that enables inkless printing to produce a sharp and clear image without the need for traditional printing inkor ribbons. Thermal printing which is relatively new is continually growing in popularity,particularly among retail businesses that use the technology to help them deliver a more effective point-of-sale experience for their customers.

When compared to inkjet/traditional printers, thermal printers are more efficient and are also more cost-effectiveand have been adopted by several industries for their use in applications specific to those industries, including retailers and grocery stores.Thermal printing is becoming the printing method of choice for businesses that engage in printing badges, price tags, labels and receipts. Speak to Jabac about the range of thermal printers they have on offer to choose one that can benefit your business.

Print quality: improved print quality is a big advantage in thermal printing because itcan produce durable, higher quality images compared to impact printers (printers that work by direct contact of an ink ribbon with paper). The print quality is higher because the printed image besides being clear lasts longer due to resistance to environmental factors such as UV rays that cause fading.

Accuracy: in a given day a business will printout hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of receipts, labels and other printouts for its customers or clients. It is imperative therefore that every print is clear and readable.Labels that carry instructions for example do very well with thermal printing because there is no smudging of the ink which interferes with legibility.

Print Speed:the speed of printing is another advantage that thermal printers offer vs. traditional printers. The images are created in a matter of milliseconds from the heat of the thermal printhead. This print speed coupled with the faster drying speed of the images helps businesses print their labels or receipts quickly.

Reduced costs: thermal printers use a unique technology that produces images through heat, as a result,your business will be saving on the cost of purchasing ribbons and ink cartridges that traditional printers use. The only purchase required for thermal printing is thermal paper.

Low maintenance costs: another big advantageof using a thermal printer vs. a traditional printer is that it requires negligible to no maintenance. There are also no consumables like ink and ribbon to replace, which is a recurring cost with traditional printers. The printer only needs an occasional wipe of the print head. Repairs to the machine are hardly necessary because there are only a few moving parts.

Durable and better print functionality:compared to traditional printers that jam due to various reasons and need periodic replacement of ink or toner making it difficult to use continuously, thermal printers have fewer moving parts and only need thermal paper to be fed to the machine. As result,thermal printers can be used continuously without interruptions