The Importance of Giving Individual Attention to Students
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In a classroom there can be some children who may need more attention than others. certain children might need individual attention as shared attention alone might not be enough for the child. Therefore, it is important to identify which children need individualised attention and then steps can be taken to ensure that the child receives the attention that he or she needs.

The role of the educator

An educator’s job is to not only teach but to also identify the strengths, weaknesses and difficulties the learner may have. Especially when teaching children, and young children in particular, the child may not know how to explain his or her difficulty. Therefore, it is imports t for the educator to identify this as they can then speak to the child’s parents and together a decision can be made on how to move forward.

For instance, if both the teacher and the parents agree that the child needs individual attention due to certain difficulties, then looking into Brain Train's program and doing research into what it has to offer can be a good idea. If the program has the facilities and resources to help your child based on their difficulties, then this could be very beneficial to the child.

Understanding the child

When a child who is struggling is given individual attention, it is also beneficial for the educator as then he or she can thoroughly assess the child and get to know him or her better. Especially when the class room is a big one with many students, it can be hard for the teachers to split her attention between the children.

However, when teaching a child one on one, it is easier for the teacher to get to know the child better and can therefore understand him or her better. It is also easier for the teacher to build a rapport with the child. This is vital because it is important to make the child feel safe and comfortable as then the student would like coming to school.

Ways of learning

There are many different ways of learning and it is important for a teacher to be aware of this. Not every child can follow the traditional way learning, which is the teacher writing on the board and the children listening and absorbing what is being taught. However, there could be children who are visual learners and some auditory learners.

Some children even like to learn while outdoors instead of being confined to a classroom. Therefore, when a child is given individual attention it is easier for the teacher to learn the kind of learner the student is and then it will be easier to teach him or her. It is important for a teacher to understand that if a child does not understand what is being taught then it is a teacher’s job to change their method of teaching.

It is not fair for a teacher to expect every child to learn the same way as some children may even have certain difficulties which makes learning hard. Therefore, it is important to first understand the child as then it would be easier to decide on which type of method will be most effective to help the student learn.