The Right Type of Australian Visa for Your Needs
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Australia is a highly-developed country with a powerful administration of the economy. Thus, making it a favorable destination for everyone to live. Executing as one of the best countries in the world, it is renowned for many reasons.Aussies have access to high standard education, along with excellent healthcare.

The land emerges full of opportunities for travelers, students, entrepreneurs, and business people. Australia, in general, is a very safe center, with low crime rates and political stability. Besides this, the land also offers a range of tourist attractions. There are beaches, rainforests, deserts, reefs, and much more to satisfy travelers. All these factors make Australia an ideal country to migrate to and live permanently.

Choose your Visa

Skilled Visas

These visas are for the skilled labors, whose occupations should be on any of the Skilled Profession List or the Consolidated Skilled Profession List of Australia. The following are the visa options under this category;

  • Subclass 189- Skilled points test-based permanent visa requires no sponsorship.
  • Subclass 190- This is a skilled point test-based permanent visa too. However, the applicant needs to be nominated by the state.   
  • Skilled Regional-This is a temporary visa. It allows applicants to stay in a specific region in Australia. The period is for 4-years.

Work Visa

The sections of visas are for business people and entrepreneurs wanting to work in Australia. There are two types of Visas:

Temporary Visa- There are numerous subclasses under this classification. Mainly, Subclass 457 is popular among the most. The replacement of 457 visas is the TSS temporary skills shortage visa 482.

It allows the applicant to temporarily stay in Australia; while working for the sponsored employer. The period is 2-years and can go up to 4 years.There is a complicated procedure to apply for this visa type; hence, the process breaks into 3-steps.

  • Sponsorship
  • Nomination
  • TSS visa application

There are other temporary visas such as Working holiday visas, work and holiday, and also temporary work visas. These are most suitable for workers with a 1-year plan.

Permanent Visa- Australia offers permanent visas to workers whose skills are lacking in the local market. There are 2-types in this, subclass 186 and 187.

Partner Visa

If you are in a relationship with an Aussie or married to one, you can become a citizen of Australia.The visa process is in 2 stages. Firstly, you apply for the provisional stage. In this type, you can live with your partner for 2-years. 

If you are still in a relationship with the sponsoring partner, then you can apply for a permanent visa.Though, your partner must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia.

Student Visa

There are over 40-universities plus several educational institutes spread all across Australia. Australia provides access to high and further international education. Thus, they cater to every type of student, from the school stage to a Bachelor's degree. If you intend to study in Australia, there are visas available for each level of study. To aid your migration, these are the types of Visas available.

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