Things to Know If You’re Hosting an Event
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Are you hosting a fancy event? Here are some tips you need to know when hosting a fancy event. Feel free to read on and gain inspiration from it.

Event theme

You need to know that a fancy soiree can’t happen without some theme, which you may already know. We emphasis on the colour scheme, be it a fancy dress or suited category. The colour pattern will really enhance the theme.

Our favourites are the black and white theme, classical all white theme party, you could also do a Gatsby’s inspiration theme for the fancy event. All up to you!

Head count

Have you checked back in with the RSVP’S, please ensure you do that so you could sort out sitting, food and beverage arrangements as soon as possible

This will help you to manage your guests well and know how much of your time you could give everyone at the main dinner table!


Have you had a think about your décor? You could check out linen hire for all your napkins, table linens, table runners, chair covers and sashes. 

A sash is a fun way to jazz the already fancy theme even more you could request for the sequins sashes that are available!

Food and Beverages

We have to emphasis on the food, after you have got your RSVPs – finalize your food and drinks- if you are having soiree where you are sorting out all the food you need to correspond with your caterers.

Contact your caterer’s and request for a rundown menu via phone call and email – this way you could visually see the full menu as well! Since it’s a fun soiree, you want your cheeses, cold cuts and other yummy nibbles that you may want to include. You also want to have your main dishes, desert and lots to drink!


Soirees are always fancy, but it’s up to you! You can totally do your own thing, the most fancy dine in for women would be a dress and a jump suite for that extra jazz & for men, black tie or semi casual, whatever you prefer for your people, but do ensure you’ve mentioned it beforehand.

If you decide to go in with the themes we mentioned, you could mention in the card it’s an all-white, black and white or Gatsby theme party! Have fun with it.

Backup plan

It’s important to know that when you are hosting a fancy to the point event, it is smart to have a backup plan. Your back up plan should include extra food from a different caterer, an extra outfit for yourself, extra drinks of course and lastly, extra seating arrangements.

We recommend this step so that on the day of the event, you will be less stressed if there is a need to revert to this back up plan.

Extra fun

You could also hire a photo booth service for the event, just so that you could capture all the fun memories made.

If you follow these steps, you will be able to have the best time. Stay safe and happy hosting.

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