Things You Need to Have Before You Organize Your Pantry
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Organizing your pantry need not to be a herculean task. In fact, you could make the chore a game since one of the ways you could organize your pantry is by ensuring “similar” things are together. That way it would be simpler for you to find what you need and it would be easier for you to put them back. When things have their own “home”, there would be less clutter since everything is organized. You are also more likely to declutter more often since you already know where things go instead of just letting the clutter accumulate in free counters and spaces.

Before you jump into the task of organizing your pantry, there are few things you need to prepare first.

Baskets and bins

Your pantry would have small food and non-food items that if you don’t have a container to put them all together would have your pantry looking messy and cluttered no matter how many times you organize it. Small and low baskets where it is easy to peer into what is inside would be ideal for small items. Clear bins are also recommended since you would not have to open them to see what is inside.

When you have small kids who often snack, put their cookies, biscuits, chocolates and other titbits in a transparent container so when they are hungry, they could get whatever nibble they want. After doing your grocery, your kids could even help in putting them in your pantry because they already know where their snacks are stored. An organized pantry with baskets and bins would also be easier for you to determine which of your supplies are running low and which of the food items are near their expiration dates.

Jars and bottles

Jars and bottles are staple containers. Various food items are best stored in jars and bottles making them perfect pantry storage containers. No matter how many Pinterest boards you check regarding pantry organization and no matter how many blogs and articles you read, jars and bottles are always recommended. They are that good.


Securing racks are also a must because where else would you be storing your thousand and one spices? When you have numerous racks neatly lined to store similar items, it would be difficult for your pantry to look cluttered even if it is filled to the brim with food and non-food items.


Last but definitely not the least, hooks. These small tools pack a punch when it comes to organizing pantries because they make measuring flour, baking powder, rice and other food a breeze since your measuring cups and spoons are always within your reach. They could also be used to hang other small items that you tend to lose most of the time.

When you secured these items, organizing your pantry would be a no brainer. You’d not notice the time you spent organizing your pantry since you are enjoying making your pantry systemized and visually pleasing. Soon you would be posting pictures of your organized pantry into your social media with the hashtag #pantry goals.

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