Tips for Maintaining Your Swimwear
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Swimwear is a wardrobe essential especially when it comes to the warmer months. There are different styles of swimwear available and you can consider your body shape, skin tone and preferences when selecting the ideal option.

There are certain things you need to do to extend the life of your swimwear Australia. Whether you have taken a swim in the pool or in the ocean, you need to rinse the swimsuit properly after each use so that any chemicals saltwater or chlorine can be removed. They can damage the fabric of the swimsuit and shorten the lifespan. You can use fresh water to rinse the swimsuit once you are done swimming and this will prevent discolouration of the swimsuit. This is also a great way to preserve the elasticity of the swimsuit fabric. While you can put the swimsuit in the washing machine, it is best to hand wash it as this will be very gentle on the fabric. This will protect the delicate fibres of the swimsuit. Make sure that you use a gentle detergent that is designed for delicates or for swimwear especially. Harshdetergents, bleach and fabricsofteners should be avoided as these will weaken the swimsuit fabric. Using these chemicals can cause the swimsuit to become discoloured.

You have to handle the swimsuit gently when you are washing and rinsing them.

You should not be stretching, twisting or wringing the fabric as this can lead to the swimsuit becoming misshapen. It will also damage the fibres. You have to press the water out of the garment gently by having it between two clean dry towels. You should also lay the swimsuit flat so that it can dry. When you put it in a tumble dryer or hang the swimsuit on a clothesline, it can stretch the fabric which can cause it to become deformed. Eventually, the swimsuit will lose its shape. Fading of the colours can happen when you keep your swimsuit out to dry under direct sunlight. You need to choose a shaded spot for this if you are drying the swimsuit outdoors. You can also dry it indoors. Make sure to read the care label on the swimsuit as this can carry instructions regarding cleaning.

It is best to rotate swimwear so that you are not overusing one thing.

This will extend the lifespan of the swimsuits and they will be exposed to chlorine and saltwater less. With frequent exposure to these conditions, the wear and tear of the swimsuit will increase so it is good to give some time off between the uses. You have to be mindful about where you are sitting while wearing the swimsuit. You have to avoid sitting on rough surfaces such as rocks, concrete and wooden decks as this can tear the fabric. Make sure to have a towel laid out before you sit so that there is less damage to the swimsuit. It is also recommended that you shower before wearing the swimsuit.