Tips in Choosing the Best Commercial Oven for Your Bakery
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A commercial oven is one of the basic equipment you should invest in especially when you have a bakery business. This is where you are going to cook all the good food that you’ll be serving your customers.

Aside from baking best tasting bread and pastries, it is also important that you can meet the rising demands for your baked products when business is going well. In order to achieve this, you should have trusty and reliable commercial ovens in your bakery.

If you’re still new to this trade and not sure which product to choose, here are some tips to help you out in choosing the right oven for your bakery.

Know the Different Types of Ovens

First of all, there are many types of commercial ovens designed for specific use. Learn more about them and see which one is needed for your business based on your cooking needs. There are 7 common types of industrial oven for sale out there – standard, convection, conveyor, deck, cook-and-hold, steam, and high-speed ovens. Their designs are built depending on how they are used.

For instance, convection ovens are the most commonly used on bakeries because of its evenly distributed heat – making baked goods cook perfectly. However, if you want perfectly moist baked goods, steam oven is what you need because it doesn’t brown the crust and edges of your baked goods.

Choose Power Type

Ovens can be powered by either electricity or gas. If you already have a gas connection, gas-powered ovens are perfect since you can save a lot from upfront costs. Natural gas is more affordable than other types of gas which is another factor to consider.

If you don’t have a gas connection yet, an electric oven is easier to install. Simply plug it into the power supply and it’s ready to be used. If electricity is cheaper than gas in your area, electric ovens are definitely a cost-efficient choice.

Choose the Right Size

The size of your oven can affect the efficiency of your kitchen. Big commercial kitchens will be fine with bigger ovens, but if you’re kitchen space is only small you need to consider the layout first and find the right size for it. Other factors such as amount of baked goods, customer demand, and waiting time should also be considered when choosing the size of your oven.

Which Food Will Be Cooked in It

The type of oven you need depends on the type of baked goods you are planning to sell. For instance, if you’re planning to serve cakes, pastries, cookies and other food that needs even heating to rise properly, you’ll need a convection oven.

However, for delicate desserts such as cheesecakes and soufflés you’ll need a deck oven since the heating elements can be adjusted separately from the top and bottom of the food you’re baking.

Choosing the right oven for your bakery goes a long way in making your kitchen more efficient and successful.

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