Tips to Consider When Choosing Your Corporate Signage
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What exactly is signage? It is simply something visual that is used as a form of communication. It is for the task of informing a message. Signage is vital for a business whether it is through a logo, slogan, and exterior of the office premises or just for general purposes. Punchy, informative and creative signage brings appeal and plays a role in how your stakeholders perceive your business.

While some businesses may not want to pay too much attention to it, some are convinced it is vital especially new businesses that are yet to enter into their respective markets. Putting up signage is no simple task; it takes a few factors to consider so here are some pointers we think will help.

Size and design

This seems rather obvious but it is important when choosing design and size. Think about the last time you saw a sign of a store that didn’t look appealing maybe the colours were wrong or the size did not match the space allocated.

Some of the most common issues with signage is that the font used are too small, too big or in some cases the wrong spelling. It is important to have a professional design the signage, as it is important. Therefore, look for companies that do corporate sign management, design and installation professionally.

What materials are used for the signs?

This too is way more important than we realize. Imagine having exterior signage for your new store that gets affected by rain or even bad weather. The materials used have to be able to withstand weather, wear and tear and time. This also plays a role in how visually pleasing the signage looks.

Signs made out of cheap materials may look shabby and deteriorate over time; the colours may not be punchy and contrasting. If you do invest in the right colours and material your signage is bound to look promising and better in the long run.

Having a theme

While it is good to have contrasting colours there should be a uniformed theme among all the signage at your business premises. The colours used could match the brand, logo and exterior of the building, especially if this signage is used for marketing and advertising purposes. The fonts, shapes and designs should be the same throughout and it is recommended that the same company do all the signage your business is using so that there is a running theme.

Last but not least look at the first impression

Humans are visual people so the first thing that attracts us is what we see, therefore you can just imagine what a crucial role signage plays then. It is what your sign showcases that determine how interested people are in your business.

A clothing store with a funky exterior and signboard will attract more people that a plain building. Similarly, your marketing and advertising strategies should be made in accordance to your signage as well. Cool logos and artwork help boost your business.

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