Tips To Start Your First Job-Hunt
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The moment you finish college it’s like freedom hits you differently, you are done with the grueling four years and can finally enter the working world. If you are lucky you may have landed your first job or internship before you left. Or you know exactly where to apply to and just how to get there. However not everyone is that lucky.

The job hunt can be exhausting and demotivating, the struggle is real and you may even wonder whether you will ever be able to find a job that works for you. While landing a job is not guaranteed there are steps you can take to become more employable. To not only look more professional but also to become a potentially hirable candidate. If you are in need of some guidance this is for you.

Note down your skills

Think back to the degree or qualification you chose, why did you? And do you think it makes you employable. On paper it probably does if not why bother doing it right? But alongside that how do your own skills add value to your paper qualification?

Make a list of your skills and qualities a potential employer would want to see. How can you add value to an organization and what is it that makes you special. Even if you cannot come up with a list immediately don’t fret, this is your first job hunt, it gets easier over time.

Prepare a resume

As you must already know, a resume is a single sheet of paper that determines your life. Well that might be an exaggeration but for a first time job, it is pretty important. You might initially not have much information to fill out, so if you do have special skills, worked summer or part time jobs or even have other qualifications, you should include them. if you are having trouble making your resume, contact Career Fix consulting to get an idea on how it works. They provide a guided process in all aspects of your career needs.

Check for what your potential employer requires

The prep before an interview is important. This is when you have the chance to analyze why you got the interview and what sets you apart. Have a look at the industry of your employer, what do they require from their employees and how do you fit the profile.

While an interview takes place so an employer can judge your capabilities you cannot go in blindly. Know your stuff and find ways to prove how your past experience, skills and qualifications add value to the company.

Nail your interview

Even if you do not feel confident the key is to look like it. Dress well, keep necessary documents with you in order so you do not fumble when they ask to see your certificate and stay calm. Be honest to yourself and your employer but find the balance between honest, capable, amiable and confident. First time is always a challenge but that is why you have to try and try again.

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