Using A Wax Seal: A Quick Guide
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Nothing is more secretiveor dramaticthan a wax sealed envelope. It begs you to remove it and see what’s inside. Who knows what it could hold? A long-lost relative's fortune in an old mansion? A letter of admission to a magical school? Perhaps it holds a mystery that only you are aware of.

Whether it's a party invitation or a message from an old friend, a wax seal adds a touch of interest to an otherwise plain piece of paper. You will learn how to do this old-fashioned style with only a few materials and no prior experience! Allow me to demonstrate how to use a wax seal in this simple step-by-step tutorial. Below are the things you need to make your first wax seal.

Sealing Wax

For this tutorial we will use wax sticks but you can also get them in form of beads and sticks without wicks.

Sealing Wax Sticks with Wicks

They are essentially miniature candlesticks. They are sealing wax sticks with a wick in the middle. You spark the wick, which heats the wax and allows you to use it. Sticks are useful when you only want to use one colour.

Stamp Head

A stamp is required to make wax seals. You may order a variety of stamp types, such as a Game of Thrones sigil, the Hogwarts coat of arms, the initial, or other patterns. For a fair price, you can even have a customized stamp head made!

Wax Spoon

Of course, you'll need a handle for your wax seal. Typically, the head and handle are sold together in most wax seal sets. You just need one handle if you want to grab a few heads. This greatly simplifies the storage of your sealing wax package.


Although you are welcomed to press wax seals into anything, envelopes are the preferred method. You can use any envelopes you like, but I prefer ones with pointy flaps

Matches or Lighters

You'll need a lighter or match to light your flame, so keep one handy.

How to Use Sealing Waxes with Wax Sticks?

Now that we've covered all of the required materials, let's get straight into the procedure of sealing with wax sticks!


Things can travel quickly once you ignite the wick on your wax stick. So, make sure you're prepared! Place your envelope in front of you, then tie your seal head to the handle and take out your lighter.

2. Light

Flash the wick with your dominant hand when holding the wax stick. It will easily begin to melt. Try to hold as much molten wax on the stick as needed before allowing it to drip.

3. Drip

Place the tip of the wax over the area where you want your seals to be. Allow the wax to fall onto the area until you have a pool the size of a dime (a little smaller than an inch). Enable the last few drops of wax to fall onto the paper after extinguishing the spark on the wax stick. Place aside.

4. Stamp

Obtain your wax seal and ensure that the top of the template is correctly oriented. Insert the seal into the wax pool. Make sure there really is excess wax all the way around the outside of the cover.

5. Remove & Rest

Allow at least 30-60 sec for the press to cool. Then, carefully remove your stamp, exposing the template that was left behind.

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