Using Snus 101: A Quick Guide
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Slowly but surely this type of smokeless tobacco is gaining popularity as a safer and legitimate alternative to cigarettes.

A recent study by a cancer institute has found out that snus is as effective to help smokers stop smoking when compared to the famous nicotine gum. The study was conducted by the University of Minnesota along with the Oregon Institute of Research and featured a clinical randomized trial of medical nicotine versus sinus among smoker who wanted to quit.

Snus was first introduced in Sweden and currently Sweden has the lowest lung cancer rates. Snus is basically a moist alternative of tobacco that is placed under the users’ lip for a long time. It’s quite popular in Europe in countries like Denmark, Sweden and Norway where it is made legal and is deemed as aharmless alternative to cigarettes. 

The increasing alert of health issues caused by smoking tobacco causes more users to switch to safer alternatives. Snus is one of the top contenders in this category after alternatives like nicotine gum and patches.

How to Pick the Right Product?

The first step in learning how to properly use snus is understanding how to pick up a good product. They are various types of snus and you can pick your preferred option depending on the concentration of how you would like the tobacco to taste. Your choice will also depend on how you want to use it.

Snus comes in forms like pouches and dissolvable powder. Read all the labels when picking a snus product because snus pouches explained in the rear of the pack will always have all the details you should know.

Also check out the brand and read reviews because some brands sell snus powder that tastes nothing like tobacco.

Placing the Pouch Properly

Over dissolvable snus, pouch snus is the most famous type of smokeless option. Using pouch snus is quite easy to use and it can help smokers quit and save money at the same time. To get the most out of your snus pouch you should place them properly under your lip so that the taste lasts for a long time.

Start by lifting your lip and then placing the pouch to the left of your gum and then slid it using your fingers. That’s it and you can enjoy the taste for extended period.

Rationing Portions

If you’ve been a smoker for quite some time, chances are that you’ll be tempted to overuse the pouches.

Overuse can actually cause health issues, so it is quite important that you ration it and carefully limit your dosage. This will also ensure that your proper effect and taste of tobacco.

Dealing with Initial Symptoms

After switching over to Snus, it is common that you might experience some annoying symptoms like a burning sensation or hiccups, even if you’ve been a smoker before. This is because snus is more concentrated, and this is why it is important to ration your pouches properly.

These are some of the main things to know about how to use snus. Other things include how to store snus, where to use snus and disposing snus. These are not as important but you can look them up if you are concerned.

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