What Do You Use Sheet Metal For?
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In basic terms metal sheet fabrication is using different types of metals to make end products for industrial or non-industrial usage.

Processes involved are typically cut, burn, bend, wield, and assemble not in the same exact order.  Metal fabricated products are needed everywhere, and it is limited to any industry. This is because most of the machinery we see today from small fittings to airplanes are made of some kind of metal that was fabricated from raw metal products.

Below are some of the most common industrial applications of sheet metal:


This shouldn’t come a surprise because quite a bit of metal goes into construction of buildings. The most common type of material that is preferred by engineers or architects is metal. This is because it is strong and durable. You can find quite a number of fab shops making custom steel sheet metal Melbourne especially has a few.

Fabricated metal issued to make basic structures and also different sections like beams, handrails and platforms.


Try imagining the implication of a flight made of plastic and you’ll realize how important sheet metal is to this industry.

The aerospace industry involves the production of all sorts of aircrafts from military defence jets for the Royal Australian Airforce to commercial aircrafts you and I use to travel. For every aircraft made numerous amounts of fabricated sheet metals go are assembled and integrated.

The aerospace industry also involves spacecrafts used for space expedition.


The energy sector is one of the world’s largest economic sectors. This industry covers of oil and gas firms, wind energy firms, nuclear energy firms, solar energy firms and the list go on and on.

All of these firms require metal for the production of their industrial machinery like for example the oil wells and platforms, or the massive pipelines used to transport oil, or the wind turbines used by wind energy firms to generate electricity.

None of these industrial machineries would be possible without metal sheet fabrication.


Ironically while some of these raw metal ores are found by the mining industry, they too require metal sheets for their machinery.

Steel is one of the main metals used in the mining industry and is used in most of the core operations that involve heavy duty tools and machinery all made out of metal sheet fabrication. Some examples of equipment are trucks, loaders, dragline and even the simple shovels.

All these have some sort of fabricated steel section.

A photo of Background of grunge metal diamond. This is real.

Ship Construction

On par with aircrafts, ships are some of the most massive moving structure we have in the world. The sheer size of a ship will make you wonder the number of components used to construct one.

Ships are made of many components that have steel fabricated segments and the overall construction of the ship also involves metal sheets.

These are just a few examples of the industrial application of fabricated metal sheets. There are so much more. If you just think of an instance that uses metals, chances are sheet metal is being used.

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