What Is a Signet Ring? Why You Need to Get One
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Signet rings have enjoyed a resurgence nowadays but not all are still familiar with this distinctive piece of jewellery. This jewellery is a ring that is usually worn to show being a part of a reputable family or dynasty or a member of an exclusive club. It was also previously worn as a sign of being an aristocrat.

The significance of wearing a signet ring is from the engraving which is usually the family’s crest or the club’s logo, or the initials of the wearer. Signet rings often times also serve as family heirloom that are inherited from generation to generation. These rings were also used to sign documents.

With a past as interesting as this, it is no wonder people have acknowledged the significance of wearing it again.

Personal Jewellery

Sure, all jewelleries are personal and is an expression of who we are but signet rings are legitimately personal since they bear a crest or logo or symbol that shows who you are. If you don’t have a family crest, design one! There is nothing wrong with that since it is a representation of you, a ring that is personalized and made specifically for you.

It is a piece of jewellery that gives you the absolute authority in which symbol that you identify with. Be it a heart, a dove, or a star or you want your initials or the initials of someone you love dearly, or even your birth month’s gemstone, signet rings represent you. To get an idea, check out these signet rings for inspiration.

A Statement Piece

If you want to have a jewellery that completes your whole look or to serve as an ice breaker with new acquaintances, signet ring is your best bet. It is something that always attract attention and cannot be missed even if its design is subtle. Usually worn on the pinkie finger, it adds a touch of style and elegance. For it to be a truly statement piece, you could make it more noticeable by requesting for the signet to be more prominent.

Used To Show Devotion to Your Partner

Signet rings also serve a purpose like wedding rings or engagement rings. Since they are customizable and you could put whatever, you want as a signet. Some opt to put their wedding date or their terms of endearment as a reminder or the coordinates of the place where they first met as a reminder and devotion to their significant other. This demonstrates their dedication to their partner and a symbol of commitment.

A signet ring is an elegant piece of jewellery no matter what your reason for wearing it is. You might have one to wear as a status symbol or as a family heirloom or as a reminder of your dedication or a promise to your spouse or most beloved person. Knowing all these valuable reasonings behind the significance of a signet ring, wear yours with more confidence and certainty.