What is Myotherapy and what to know about it?
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Quite simply put, Myotherapy is a form of therapy used to treat pain caused by injuries or pain caused due to damage to muscles or soft tissues. A myotherapist would usually use massages and a variety of other techniques commonly used by physical therapists to reduce muscle tension and pain.

Resorting to Myotherapy has become a rather common occurrence which has led to a budding chain of Myotherapy centers such as myotherapy mount waverley.

From a more comprehensive perspective, this type of treatment is also called sports massage or medical massage which involves an advanced form of treatment whereby, a therapist employs massage techniques on trigger points to release myofascial pain. Trigger points are sensitive areas that are formed due to the tightening of muscle fibers due to injuries and they are painful. Myotherapists use massage techniques using their hands, fingers, elbows, and knuckles to relieve tension in these areas. Myotherapy is often recommended for a wide range of injuries involving soft tissues and muscles. Sprains, certain types of back pain, joint pain, pain from poor posture, and sports injuries are a few of the many injuries for which this type of therapy is recommended.

Myotherapy is similar to physical therapy however, while myotherapists use a variety of advanced massaging techniques to decrease muscular pain, physical therapists solely focus on helping patients to regain strength and mobility following accidents and injuries. When a patient first goes to a myotherapist, he/she is more likely to be inquired on a variety of details such as any medication they are currently taking, prior illnesses, any surgeries a patient may have undergone, accident history, occupation, whether not the patient has taken part in any sports, etc. Afterward, the therapist would proceed to examine the injured area and resort to the necessary technique of medication. A few massage techniques used by therapists range from dry needling, trigger point therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and passive stretching.

Myotherapy is a rather specialized form of therapy encapsulating a wide range of research that is still being conducted on this type of therapy. Despite this, statistics and patient progress has put Myotherapy in the limelight as a rather effective type of treatment that is now popularly recommended especially in the face of certain sports injuries. In addition to this, Myotherapy is considered to render relief from chronic low back pain, reduce stress and anxiety, reduce soreness of muscles, assist with pain management associated with fibromyalgia, and increases the quality of life and wellbeing of patients diagnosed with cancer and multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, myotherapists recommend exercises that could be performed at home with ease which comes as an added benefit of erasing the necessity to visit a therapist frequently. Moreover, this type of therapy is said to cause mild pain as therapists attempt to release the tension surrounding rigid muscles but there would be no expectation of unbearable pain. Thus Myotherapy is a rather progressive form of modern medication.