What to Wear this Valentines
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Valentine’s is just a few days away. It is that one day of the year when many people go out and celebrate the love month with their family, lover, and friends. Some of us are even searching for a date outfit as early as today.

Even though this year is going to be a different experience because of social distancing and other safety measures, it is never an excuse not to wear something special for this day. Whether you’re going out with your lover, friends or family, we have all the perfect outfit for you.

Bodycon Dress

If you’re going out on an intimate dinner with your special someone, you’re going to need something sexy to suit the mood. Think dim lighting, candlelit dinner, and a bouquet of red roses. It may sound over the top for some but it is actually a romantic plan to celebrate this special day.

Your outfit should never disappoint all the preparation for this kind of dinner date. A sexy bodycon dress that defines your silhouette is a perfect outfit for a dinner date. It suits the mood perfectly and instantly adds glamour to your look. Don’t forget to pair it with sultry red lipstick to finish the look.

Free-Flowing Dress

For those who are single, you can still celebrate valentines together with all your friends and family. Some couples even opt for a group date because of its fun and casual vibes. Usually, it would be a semi-casual event so it is best not to go over the top with your outfit. A free-flowing dress is a perfect choice for this kind of date. It looks casual, feels comfy when worn yet really looks chic. If you’re looking for a casual date outfit, check out this collection of flowy dresses.

Playsuit or Jumpsuit

Valentines date doesn’t only refer to romantic dinners or fun group dates. Some couples opt for a more relaxed yet intimate way of celebrating this special day. For busy couples, long-term couples, or even just the regular homebodies, celebrating valentines at home is already special. With a hearty meal you could enjoy together plus a bottle of great wine, your dinner will already feel special when you’re with someone you love.

You can even do other fun activities after like watching a movie in your home theatre, play games, or just have some conversation. It would be uncomfortable if you’re wearing a bodycon dress while moving around the house. A jumpsuit or playsuit is a perfect outfit for this because of its versatility. Although it’s comfy to wear, it still looks elegant. Go for soft fabric and bold colours or prints for more appeal in your outfit.

Valentines should not be the only day in a year when you show your loved ones how you feel. However, celebrating this special day together with everyone around the globe is just a simple reminder that we should never fail to care and treat well all the people that matter to us.

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