Why A Recruitment Agency Is Worth Your Money
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Whether you are looking for candidates or a job, getting the services of a recruitment agency is worth it because of numerous reasons. Especially if you are in the legal profession where the competition could be tougher and stricter compared to other industries.

Among the benefits of using a recruitment agency are specialist recruiting, swifter hiring, and cost effective.

Specialist recruiting

When you have your own law firm, your human resources department may not be headed by a lawyer, which makes it a little difficult to find the best lawyer to join your firm since your HR people might not necessarily have the idea on the qualifications to look for in a lawyer. Unless they are lawyers themselves or they have had years of experience working in a law firm that they know the ins and outs of the legal profession.

But if you hire the services of a legal recruitment agency in Sydney you can be sure that they would screen law candidates that fit your requirements. And if you are a lawyer looking for a job, asking the services of the recruitment agency would also benefit you since they would connect you to law firms that are looking for you. You would not need to attend endless interviews only to find out in the end that you and the law firm is not a perfect fit.

Swifter hiring

Using the services of a recruitment agency would make the hiring process significantly shorter, especially if you have numerous vacancies to fill. An agency’s time in a day will be dedicated only to screening and interviewing applicants, whereas if you will entrust this responsibility to your in-house human resources department, they would be pre-occupied with other tasks such as payroll, leave applications, professional training and development, etc.

Recruitment agencies also have an existing database of applicants that they could filter according to your preference, reducing the time for advertising for the position and waiting for candidates to send their credentials. If you are a candidate looking for a job, you could also expect for the hiring process to be quicker since the recruitment agencies probably already have numerous clients looking for candidates such as yourself.

Cost effective

When it comes to any profession or work industry, we have to remember that time is money. Any minute or hour wasted could also be considered as profit loss, this is particularly true for fast paced industries which include the legal sector. When a client stepped inside your law firm and you don’t have a lawyer specializing in the client’s issues, you lose that client’s business.

As soon as you have an opening in your firm for a lawyer with a specific specialization, hire someone immediately because you don’t know when you would be needing their expertise. And if you are a lawyer looking for a law firm to join, your time will not be wasted scouring classified ads and job postings because the recruitment agency is doing the scouring for you.

It’s understandable why some are hesitant to secure the services of a recruitment agency because they are worried, they might end up scammed or tricked. But if you will do your due diligence, you would soon be reaping the benefits and more once you conduct your business with a legitimate recruitment agency.

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